“To Do List” Project

The “To Do List” Project is a compelling community art effort to make our personal worlds a bit more entertaining, enlightened, and engaging.  People from around the nation – and hopefully the world – will come together by listing the things they or others intend to do!  Not only do they create beautiful illustrations and vignettes into their world, but they freely leave them out in the public to be found by strangers.  Sharing their experience and exposing themselves allows our contributors to not only hopefully discover something new about themselves, but possibly reach out to others.

Each week we will post all (or the best, if there are many) to do lists to be viewed and read by thousands.

The steps:

1.) Create a “To Do List” for either yourself or in the persona of another person (i.e. a to do list from Darth Vader or your favorite tree) making them fictional or nonfictional

  • a.)    the lists can be made simply on notebook paper or the more artistic can create a collage, painting, knitting, etc. of their list (no worries, every list has incredible value no matter how much time is put into it)
  • “To Do Lists” include grocery lists or anything implied to be an activity or thing that must be achieved
  • b.)    Try to limit the size of your list to roughly the size of a postcard, but this is just a suggestion, not a requirement
  • c.)    You have the option of including the URL to the “To Do List” Project for the strangers to find out what this is all about

2.) Leave your list in a public area to be found by a stranger: coffee shops, parks, libraries, etc.

  • a.)    Lists can be taped, “accidentally” dropped, or attached in some way to the areas
  • b.)    Please avoid private places

3.) Take a picture of your list at some point either before or after you drop it off
4.) Send your picture to: thetodolistproject@gmail.com

  • a.)    Please mark your to do list as “Created” or “Found” to distinguish between the lists
  • b.)    It would be great if you could include your name/usernname, where you’re from, and/or the place where you found/dropped off your list
  • c.)    You can include any detail about your list that you feel inclined to include, but we do reserve the right to edit these

5.) Follow: https://mechanisticmoth.wordpress.com/ to see if yours gets accepted


1.) Keep things fun!
2.) Keep within the bounds of your local laws
3.) Do not include anything on the lists that are either explicitly violent such as “Shoot a Cop” or extremely political “Destroy/Impeach Bush” – just keep things fun: this is not an alcove for political or violent statements

Have You Found a List!?
If so, then let us know!  You can go through the categories on the side of the page, choose “The ‘To Do List’ Project,” and all posts marked as part of the project will come up.  Scroll through and find the List you found.  Shoot us a comment about who you are and where you found it.  Then, we hope you can participate in this little artistic adventure as a creator!

MechanisticMoth and its writers are not held responsible for the views, opinions, or actions of the contributors of the “To Do List” Project.  The opinions are that of the contributors expressed herein.


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