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I guess it’s that whole ____ thing?

25 Dec

This is my life.



12 Dec


Alright guys?

End of the Semester

12 Dec

It’s here!  My first semester as a Master’s student is complete!

I might say that I feel like I’ve… evolved!


Pika Lick

16 Nov

Photo Challenge – Something Sweet

19 Jul

There are four things sweet in this image:

  1. My popsicle
  2. Me
  3. Kevin Keller
  4. AND my Batman button

This gives a decent idea of what I did today (despite that 3 hour chunk playing Pokémon…).  I focused on Me (WHICH I ALWAYS DO).  I worked on my Kevin Keller piece for about 2 hours earlier and I’m taking a break from working on it right now.

Also, I got a free Batman button at the comic shop… SO I WILL LOOK HELLA COOL when I wait in line for 50 hours to see The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow.  C’mon people!  Let’s break some records!

Hidden story behind this image: this is one of about a dozen photographs (that, to the normal eye, look identical) in which I perfected myself.  First, I had to make sure the popsicle looked a similar color as the cover to Kevin Keller.  Then, I had to get the popsicle, my face, the comic, and the Batman button all in the same frame.  Also, I kept on switching between two facial expressions without realizing it.  I was either deadly serious or raising my eyebrows.  In this photo I just look mildly amused.

Or incredibly subdued in my badassery.


PHOTO. CHALLENGE.  It’s worth your time (and virtual, meaningless money).  So, check it out!

Photo Challenge – Something I Bought

17 Jul

I’ve been meaning to get Pokémon Emerald for awhile.  I’m going for my Pokédex and Gen III is something I’m a little lacking on.  I bought this from China (yeah!), and I haven’t tested it out yet.  I’ve got to finish writing that article, but this WILL be my reward.

Also, Selena sent this bookmark to me in the mail:

She knows the way to my heart.


I write about Pokémon a lot.  So, here’s where Taylor and I go through our TOP POKEMON.

This post is a little sparse, but you can check the rest of the PHOTO CHALLENGE for some more quality entertainment involving my life!


23 Jun


No posts?  Really, Elliott?  You fucker.

Starting Monday, THIS WILL ALL CHANGE.  I’ll be back on track no matter what.  I’ll kick some people lightly on their fingertips.

Also, I think I’m starting to run out of Pokemon gifs that I found on /vp/.  Which also sucks because Pokémon Black/White 2 came out in Japan and Taylor told me that I should try to avoid spoilers.  Which will be SUPER HARD for three months.  Time to focus myself somewhere else.  LIKE THE FUCKING BLOG.

So, Charmander & Ash, we’ll laugh together and smile and throw pies.