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Photo Challenge – Something You’re Reading

3 Jul

After a bit of a false start, Kevin Keller and I are both enjoying “Summer Fun!”  So, that’s to say that I’m a little to be reading at the moment what with all of the disc I’ve been throwing lately…  I’m barely keeping up with my pull list for comics, but I have managed to squeeze in some reading over the last month.  Like 3 volumes of Tiny Titans (super short reads, I know, but they’ve made me laugh pretty hard for a comic reading), 2 volumes of Criminal, and the 2nd volume of Incognito.

Kevin Keller’s comic features prominently because I won’t be only reading that one for fun.  Sure, I’ll get some enjoyment out of it because I’ve grown fond of Archie Comics.  However, my end goal is to utilize this comic for my article on Kevin Keller and the representation of gay identity within the comic series/the Archie Universe as a whole.  It’s been rather frustrating because I think the series is shipping on a bi-monthly schedule so I’ve been waiting awhile for this one.  I decided that my scope would encompass the miniseries, the gay marriage issue, and the first three issues of his own series to make the grand total 8 comic books (though, Life With Archie #16 is basically two comics in a magazine format).

While working on my article on comics, I’ll read some while I’m at it.  The other two featured are The Infinite Horizon and Green River Killer.  The Infinite Horizon has Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto as the team behind the series.  It’s a post-apocalyptic horrorshow that sounds pretty awesome.  I picked it up on Free Comic Book Day and have been going through my stacks so I can read it.  From what I’ve gathered (both reading and viewing) Phil Noto is a phenomenal artist.  Green River Killer is a crime comic.  I bought it for Emerald City Comic Con to get it signed, but it was in the shipment that came late from Amazon so I wasn’t able to bring it.  On the outside I don’t think I care too much for crime comics, but I continually find myself reading them and enjoying them… I must secretly enjoy the hell out of them, then.

What’s on your reading list?  I have a whole box full of stuff I need to read, but it’s always great to hear what other people are reading.


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