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Cat Girl Comic Book Hope

10 Oct

Last night I went and saw Kimbra play some music live.  My friend Trent and I began the evening by waiting in line to get into the show.  We were directly behind this cute little girl in a leopard print dress including a black tu tu.  To top everything off, her shoes were actually bright red, fuzzy slippers with little claws.  She had a cat obsession, clearly.

The wonderful thing about this little girl was how playful she was, and that special something that warmed my heart: she was reading comics. [this post was just interrupted by a package being delivered for a book called “Reading Comics” which is not the book I was hoping  to read on the plane, but, oh well, I still got a book]  This little girl was full of energy taking her mom’s phone to use as a flashlight at the tables near the back of the venue (we ended up sitting behind them).  She was reading away first with a Sonic the Hedgehog comic and then with some sort of Angry Birds space picture book.  You could tell her mom was there for the music and this girl was there to satisfy her mom and to read books.

(The best quote from her was right before The Stepkids (who were reallllly bad) started playing another song and she exclaimed, “OH NO NOT AGAIN!”)

In case you haven’t gleaned from previous posts, I am an avid advocate for children’s comics.  I believe that companies should devote more time to fostering creative energy in children and start them early on comics.  Instead of the five titles a month coming out of the “Big Two” why not double or triple that?  You can tell that they have some sense of trying to get kids on comics, but that’s only one day of the year: Free Comic Book Day.  The comic companies are aware that children read comics, but they’re so caught up in appealing to this artificial white men, teens to 40s demographic that they don’t realize comics are for everyone!  This little girl is an example, Archie is appealing not only to the much younger generation’s demographic but also the little girls’ demographic.

Comics deserve to be in hands and read by everyone.  Companies should put emphasis on all readers rather than just alienating everyone outside of the superficial demographic.  Luckily, the “Big Two” aren’t the only ones making comics and the others know how to focus on kids.  Still, the “Big Two” have the (some) more recognizable characters so they should put an increased amount of effort into children’s comics.

Unfortunately, the little girl and her mom left right before the show was over.  I was going to get their attention and tell them, “hey, some of the best comics around for people your age are ____…”

Here’s a list that could have filled in the blank:

  • Owly
  • Tiny Titans
  • Johnny Boo
  • Archie
  •  Uncle Scrooge
  • Mega Man
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Smile
  • Tin Tin
  • Bone
  • and many others.

Song Challenge – Song on the Radio

19 Apr

This song by Gotye is on the radio A LOT.  It’s actually pretty interesting because it’s a fairly inventive song with a cool groove and nice, minimalist instruments.  By all rights, this should be an “indie” success within the realms of “indie” music.  Somehow, it has EXPLODED to a wider audience.


Well, my first guess is that it has TERRIBLE lyrics.  The sort of drivel that a Grandmother remembering her first love in the 50s could come up with in her diary.   These terrible lyrics happen to carry the song and speak to the masses’ soul.

The song builds and builds up until the payoff that is Kimbra.  Her beautiful voice puts Gotye’s to shame.  He kind of sounds like a whiny, screechy penguin on meth.  While, on the other hand, she sounds like a translucent jellyfish communicating with the sea creatures below through small electric pulses.  I will definitely get her debut album when it hits… sure it’s pop-y and a lot of people are going to get it, but she’s decent enough to warrant a deeper listen.

Gotye isn’t bad music.  By all rights, the song deserves to be on the radio.  It’s bringing actually good music to the masses through pop radio channels.  But, it isn’t great music.  Kimbra is the redeeming grace of the song, but there’s even better artists than Kimbra.  They’re a great gateway drug, though.


SONG CHALLENGE – more opinions about music, ahoy!