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Super HeroiHOT #24: Lady Shiva

12 Nov

Lady Shiva is perhaps the most skilled and deadly fighter in the DC Universe.  Hands down, everyone tries to fight her, and she fights them all off – usually to the death.  She’s one hell of a foe.


Recently, Lady Shiva has been seen in a black trench coat with a Chinese red top.  Previously, she was seen primarily in black or in some sort of red garb.  The all black look was pretty badass with the short hair and chip-on-her-shoulder demeanor.  But, nowadays, I think her look is very slick.  As slick as a slip-n-slide made of velvet.  Yeah, that’s right, VELVET. Everything is streamlined and it shows off how tough of an opponent she is.  She is unafraid of wearing some loud colors to announce “hey, I’ve come to kick your ass.”  Sure, the long trench coat thing doesn’t seem very conducive to fighting, but it works visually.  …Now, let’s just excuse that whole Jade Canary switchy business…

She used to have pretty short hair, but I like the longer hair look now better.  Even though it seems much less practical than before.

She hasn’t had any real terrible costumes through the years.  I mean, there was that one period in the 90s where she showed off a fair amount of stomach, but it still worked.  It hasn’t been Rogue bad.

Appearance: 9/10



Now, Shiva can come off as really cold.  But, there’s some honor in there.  She has trained multiple people because she has seen the potential in them.  Sure, she may have just trained them so they can be future worthy opponents but still.

I suppose that being cold comes with the territory.  I mean, she has been a contract killer for A REALLY LONG TIME.  She’s spent years in meditation and perfecting her art.  So, she’s pretty introverted.  Nevertheless, she does come through with the whole honor thing, for the most part.

Personality: 5/10



Here comes the fun part!  SHIVA IS A BADASS.  Like, there is no doubt of her badassedness.  It just exudes from her in plentiful drops used to create a tea that brings immortality.  That’s how crazy good she is.  REALLY!

First off, she’s deadly fast.  She has the ability to read her opponents even slightest movements to know where they’re going to strike next.  It’s crazy how easily she can evade someone.

Overall, she’s a deadly fighter.  Hell, she trained Bruce Wayne to get him back into shape both mentally and physically after Bane broke his back.  That’s right, BRUCE FUCKIN’ WAYNE came to HER.

So, yeah, she doesn’t have any superpowers.  She’s just a huge fucking badass.

Superpowers: 10/10



So, Shiva doesn’t have a secret identity.  Her life is filled with kicking ass, training, and meditation.  Though, she does have a thing for chocolate (which Tim Drake used to poison her in his final fight with her).  So, it’s nice to know she’s so committed to her job.  Plus, it probably boosts your ego when a group of worshipers come together thinking that you’re the reincarnation of the god Shiva.  Yeah, that probably makes you feel pretty damn good.

Secret Identity: 8/10



Because Shiva rivals Batman in terms of martial arts ability, she has a lot of rivals.  This also probably stems from her never really choosing sides.  She works for herself.  Nevertheless, she’s sort of a training ground for numerous people to see how good they are.  Therefore, when most people can’t land a hit on her, other people do.  For instance, Cassandra Cain (her daughter!) managed to beat the shit out of her a couple of times, Black Canary did a pretty good job against her, Connor Hawke (Green Arrow II) stood up fairly well against her, Tim Drake Robin managed to defeat her (poisoned her and still got some ribs broken), and, oh yeah, Batman totally kicked her ass.

– 5

Nevertheless, Shiva has stood up to Bruce Wayne Batman and given him a run for his money multiple times.  Sure, he’s figured out some pretty good strategies against her, but that doesn’t make her any easier as an opponent.

+ 2

Did I mention she kills?  In the DC view of things: KILLING IS BAD.  But, I enjoy how she blurs the line between good and bad leaving that little slice of the middle road there.  There are very few characters in the DC Universe that can pull that off.  So, congrats to her.



30/40 or 75%

I think this is a fair score.  She does some positive things for the portrayal of women by showing that they can just as easily be strong badasses and be equal to or greater than men.  Nevertheless, there’s something menacing about her in the DC Universe, and, perhaps, it’s this uncomfortableness that keeps her interesting.


Blackest Night #5: Review

28 Nov

Once you read this issue, it makes a bit more sense as to why those heroes are on the cover.  Sure, this comic basically confirms the rumors of a White Lantern, but it makes sure that you’ll have fun getting to there.

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Water Skiing Super Heroes!

7 Oct


Haven’t you daydreamed of this event… sure, it happened in the 70s, but all of your favorite superheroes waterskiing for American Freedom!  I love it!  LOVE.

From top and left to right.  Top Row: WONDER WOMAN!  Hell yeah, she’s riding that  sexy pyramid.
2nd Row: Batgirl in probably the most accurate costumes, Supergirl?, Black Canary… those hot water skiing tights of her’s, No idea who the last one of the row is…
Bottom Row: Robin does he have pixie water ski boots?, Batman in the goofiest costume of all, Superman with some really fake looking hair, Aquaman or Green Arrow… I can’t tell but I’m leaning towards Aquaman, and Barry Allen Flash!


Batman’s whipping out some sweet ass moves with a smile!

For more on Waterskiing superheroes check Brian Cronin’s wonderful blog about Comic Book Urban Legends at: http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2006/10/26/comic-book-urban-legends-revealed-74/

It’s one of my favorite things to read every week.