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Super HeroiHOT #22: Storm

26 Jun

Now that... is power.

I’ve been spending a lot of time over on ComicVine mostly editing the TMNT character pages.  However, I posted a blog on there about my blog over here and the Super HeroiHOTs.  Member J.C. suggested for me to do Storm as a character.  At first, I was a little skeptical because I hadn’t really read too much Storm, but, the more I thought about it, I realized she was/is a perfect character to study.  She really emphasizes all categories for Super HeroiHOT in a female-positive way.  So, expect a high score, and read on to find out how she gets there.


Enjoying that weather much?

Ever since her inception, Storm’s costume has remained fairly consistent.  Even throughout its variations, the costume has remained not revealing but still sexy.  There is no hint at exploitation of the character to the male gaze.

The primary costume is usually black with a white or yellow trim.  The cape usually attaches itself to cuff links or hangs freely.  Overall, the costume is simplistic but very strong.  It emphasizes her body and strength without detracting from her power.

One of the things I also respect is that in the majority of her appearances, her African descent is not lost.  I mean, it’s pretty easy to just draw a normal female figure and slap some brown coloring and call it good, but the art still retains the features that makes her distinctly African.  There is power to her character and she is not subjected to poor treatment by careless artists.

What I learned from comics: white pupils are cool and connote power

Plus, let’s talk about the headpiece.  It is just pure badass.  It’s one of the few things that remains very consistent when she’s in costume.  It’s a simplistic design, but it really nails the African heritage jewelry while emphasizing her face.  I mean, even in its styling it hints at her power.  The angular design is like the lightning while the symmetry suggests her control over it.  Plus, what if it could be used as a boomerang!?  That would be so neat…

Sure, her first appearance had these weird boot-legging things (you can see them in a picture below) that had unnecessary circle slits in them.  Plus, her costume was totally 60s/70s swimwear, but, compared to most other comics characters (at least today), it covered up more skin than the majority of other costumes.


Now, I don’t know why it is (and this photo is of a more recent example from an awful comic) but someone somewhere at some time decided that Ororo would look good with a mohawk.  A white, chaotic, weird-ass mohawk.  This was an entirely poor decision.  Sure, this happens more frequently in earths that are not 616, but it’s still disappointing.  So disappointing, in fact, that I sort of feel like throwing up on it and bleaching it a cacophony of red, orange, and muted green tones.

And, just as a side note, is that baby mutant secretly a stegosaurus?

Emphasizing the pooch

Like most characters, Storm could not escape the 90s.  However, She fared much better than most characters by being covered head-to-toe without a thong in sight.  Nevertheless, the weird stitchings, unnecessary Xs, shoulder pads, terrible Poison perm, and overabundance of white really harms the eyes.

Overall, considering that the majority of her appearances/costumes have remained very respectful, simplistic, and creative, Storm scores big.

Appearance: 9/10



Alright, I really couldn’t resist showing how caring Storm is by her watering plants.  Plus, it’s one of those lines that has the side effect of coming off very sarcastically.  Oh, and notice the boot-things.

Anyway, Storm has a very strongly defined personality.  She perfectly fits into the role of a diplomat for Wakanda through her enigmatic leadership (she has also led the X-men for quite awhile before) and love for her people.  She cares deeply for her friends and family.  Plus, her love for T’Challa (Black Panther, King of Wakanda) clearly identifies her as an ideal character and role model.  She can balance a marriage, being a queen, and a member of the X-Men equally to define herself as the powerhouse that she is.

Meaningful plans while walking on the beach

She is there for her husband along with all the numerous other groups, but she is not defined by them.  Her high level of intelligence, creativity, and empathy marks her as one of the most relevant, memorable, and positive characters under Marvel’s wing.

Personality: 10/10


Thanks, dear!

I figured I’d just have her explain it for you.  In case you can’t read it, it says:

Perhaps not, warrior, but I have power you cannot guess.  Not only can I control the winds of the air, but I can also shape the solar winds, and from them select radiations of specific wavelengths…

In addition, she gets to do a lot of neat stuff with the excuse that she can manipulate the weather… LIKE FLYING!  Alright, a lot of heroes can fly, but she can fly by manipulating the winds!  The winds, people!  Her most defining power is typically her ability to cause lightning to rain down from will.  Now, that’s pretty cool.

However, I’m under the belief that her ability to manipulate air pressure is the most badass power of all.  She can change the pressure in the air of a person’s lungs or in their eardrums.  Therefore, she is a force to be reckon with by not just the large things like thunder, lightning, blizzards, hailstorms, tornadoes, or rain but also the little things.

Almost sorta deadly force

She’s also highly adept at hand to hand combat which helps balance things out when she’s in a bind.  Along with being resourceful, she knows how to pick locks and pick pockets!  Every mutant and human needs to know how to do those things.

T’Challa: Honey, have you seen my wallet?


T’Challa: Goddammit, again!?  Really… I have such quick reflexes and heightened senses… but you got me again.

Ororo: Well look at who’s the sore loser, ha!

Not to mention that most people consider her an Omega-level mutant.  Yeah, that’s the most powerful mutant category there is (hence the Omega…).  Therefore, she kicks ass.

I would also like to imagine that she would make a hell of a water purifier which would help my sink out.

Super Powers: 10/10


King and Queen: Badasses

Okay, “Secret Identity” really isn’t that accurate of a description.  I know Rachelle uses the term “Day Job” in her rating of the Super Hunks.  So, let’s just consider Ororo’s “day job.”


Sure, alright, the people have often questioned her role as their queen and T’Challa’s decision to marry her… but all of these people have turned out to be EVIL.

In most cases, T’Challa has been decomposed from his position of power whether this be from a coma or something else, and Ororo has had to rule in his stead.  Sure, she has to pray to the occasional Panther God in order to show her approved right to rule over a nation, but she still rocks it.

Plus, if this was a monarchy (down with King George!), I would like T’Challa and Ororo to rule.  They’re caring and not bitchy about being “higher” than their people.  Man, they’re just neat.

Secret Identity: 10/10


Marriage Day

On this site, I’ve talked a lot about the myth of marriage usually in the context of some review or something else of the sort.  In this case, Ororo and T’Chala fulfill the myth of marriage.  The hetero-normative coupling is complete.  Typically, passion is subdued for normalcy and the completion of the coupling.

However, this is not the case.

They fulfill the myth, but the passion is not lost.  There is true love between the two of them, and their roles of husband & wife do not cover up their individuality.  A marriage could easily lessen the power of a character by making them reliant on someone else, but T’Challa and Ororo remain very defined characters.  Their appeal is, in fact, heightened by their sustained marriage.  Plus, it brings a whole new dimension to their characters.


Emma and Storm sitting in a torture scene, K-I-S-S-I-....

I don’t really have an appropriate picture for this one, but my description and the cute little Emma Frost/White Queen torture scene will have to do.

Ororo’s main fear is claustrophobia… seriously?  She’s basically useless in tight spaces.  Which, I don’t know, I’ve heard happens a lot when you’re fighting crime, get captured, and have to escape.






This puts her in a tie with Michonne for first place!

I know that Storm is apparently a controversial character over at ComicVine for mostly the Trolls to pick on, but I am under the impression that she furthers the positive portrayal of women in comics by controlling her sex appeal rather than being controlled by it through the whims of writers and artists.  She is a character that has influence outside of the comic realm and into popular culture.  Not only is she intelligent, caring, sexy, or powerful, but she is ironically more human than most characters in the comic realm.

Just another day in Superhero land


Super HeroiHOT #21: Emma Frost

12 Jun

Alright, it’s time for a new Super HeroiHOT, and I think this one may surprise you.  Outward appearances are deceiving with the White Queen who is now the Headmistress of Xavier’s mutant academy.


Ready to kick some ass with a killer bod.

Here’s where the big surprise for most readers of this column/feature will find: I really like Emma’s costume(s).  The one above has kind of become the main one from the last couple years, but I’ve been a fan of most of them as long as the undergarments weren’t just high wasted, weird thong things.  Most people would probably expect me to be fairly upset about her costume expecting me to throw words like “exploit,” “objectify,” or “misogynistic” around to describe it.

Why then, am I not rallying against her costume?  The reason is that these sexy costumes of all white are very much a part of Emma and her personality.  Some of the other costumes like the bottom three (as of now) of Vampirella, Elektra, and Psylocke do not work because they are not part of the characters.  Frankly, showing off major skin in near thong things don’t suit well for ninjas!  Big surprise, huh!?

What’s so different about Emma, then?  Well, she used to be somewhat of a villain known as “The White Queen,” and that experience of seducing young mutants to her team sort of put her in the position to be known as a seductress in sexy outfits.  However, some other reasons are that Emma feels comfortable with her body.  Many jokes (early in Morrison’s run on New X-Men had her breaking a nose and then complaining about $20,000 worth of plastic surgery to perfect that nose) arise from Emma’s constant emphasis on her appearance.  She was spoiled and from a rich family.  So, she feels like she needs to flaunt that to other people.  She has a perfect body, so why not show it?

Move over, bitches!

Now, the New X-Men costume design circa early 2000’s had me confused for a really long time.  This partially stemmed from Frank Quitely’s slight inability to differentiate between female faces, and from the startling shape of the bustier.  I find myself thinking, “Those are impossible odds for such breasts to defy.” There’s never really clear indication of what this looks like from behind, either.  So, I would assume that the collar meets up with the “boob catchers” in back somehow.  Anyway, after being startled by this preposterous costume, I realized that it’s actually just a very ingenious way of creating an X on the female body.  So, credit to that… despite it being a little ridiculous.

I have to say that, on the newer costume(s) with the pants and the top with the cape/shawl-thing, I really enjoy the costume.  I find the shawl thing that still emphasizes Emma’s body while creating a draping (mostly for artists to have fun drawing folds in fabric!) that covers a lot of her body very creative and sexy while still keeping the skin/fabric ratio on the side of fabric.

Overall, I would emphasize again that Emma dresses up sexy because it’s part of her and who she is, NOT because of the artists’ need to objectify her.

Appearance: 9/10


This fresh comic, from only weeks before, is rather apt at capturing Emma's personality.

For the image above, right click and choose view image to get a better idea of what they’re saying and not strain your eyes.

Let’s just say that Emma has been called a “bitch” in comics rather frequently.  There’s no doubt as to why she was referred to as “The White Queen” back in her Hellfire days.

To those not close to her, she’s frigid, judgmental, and outright mean.  However, to those few that she does allow to get close, she can be mischievous but quite caring and willing to sacrifice herself and her wants for others.

Oooooh, BAM!

However, that really doesn’t happen too often.

So, the frigid and mean parts of herself kinda outweigh the nice parts, but at least there’s some attempt at a balance however small.

Overall, Emma is incredibly intelligent, sly, manipulative, and clever.  These all play very well in making her a formidable opponent.

So, if you break through it, there’s something really great buried inside.

Personality: 7/10


A whole new meaning to bullets bouncing right off of the...uh...skin.

I have to say, Emma has some really neat powers.  Her first mutation is her psychic capabilities which have also begun to develop telekinetic properties.  Emma is quite near to being the most powerful psychic in the Marvel world rivaling the levels of Professor X/Charles Xavier.  That’s damn impressive.  I mean, Xavier has always been revered as the first and most powerful… so, to have someone come even near to that is flabbergasting.  True, there are many psychics out there, and it was only until recently that a secondary mutation occurred allowing to make Emma even neater.

Emma can turn into a diamond form as some sort of living, solid thing made of diamond.  Sure, she has to turn off the psychic capabilities leaving her vulnerable to a psychic attack, but turning into a diamond is really cool!  Not only is it pretty original (well… okay… this is the first time it’s happened in comics, I’m pretty sure, but it’s not much of a stretch to think people were just trying to come up with the most impenetrable thing to outdo themselves), but it completely fits her personality.

Emma is the rich and privileged girl.  So, diamond-form works great for her.  She becomes what she values.  To tell you the truth, it’s almost like some sick form of irony.  She would probably go high on the market if incapacitated.  That would be one expensive date.

Anyway, with the secondary mutation, Emma is now covered on the physical side of things (even though she has to have one or the other for either psychic or diamond) making her even tougher of a foe/ally.  Only once has the diamond form been penetrated, and that was when she was shattered by diamond tipped bullets.  Other than that, she is invulnerable and kicks ass.

Super Powers: 10/10


Tired after a long day of schooling.

In the beginning, Emma didn’t really have a life outside of the Hellfire Club.  Then they died.  Then some more students died… and now she’s back in control of another school… where, hopefully, not that many more will die.

Emma has become the Headmistress of Xavier’s school for the talented and gifted (with mutant powers).  In this respect, she has developed a life and responsibilities outside of being a heroine.  She has to balance saving the world with taking care of teaching the next generation of mutants.  Sure, she’s a little apathetic about it sometimes, but it’s a damn good change for someone who was so caught-in-the-headlights focused before.

Secret Identity: 10/10


Suckle my fingertips!

Swapped from a porn still? Is she wearing anything aside from a white, bondage collar?

Because the crotch shot is of absolute importance!

When in the wrong hands, Emma just becomes way too porn-star-y.  The first two images have an obvious Pamela Anderson influence to them, and I feel like it’s just not necessary.  As described before, the dressing up in white, sexy clothes is a part of Emma because she’s comfortable with herself.  This isn’t the typical exploitation of a female character when it’s fully her decision (partly from her former life in the Hellfire club) to be somewhat of a seductress.  However, this creates a fine line for writers and artists alike that is all too easy to cross.  So, this deduction is more so for the artists who don’t understand that a woman can be sexy without objectifying her.


Oh, and while I’m at it, I’ll address the Scott Summers cheating on Jean Grey with Emma Frost psychically thing.  Emma is a temptress, so I can’t lie too much blame on her.  And, there were problems between Scott and Jean and all that stuff.  So, it’s really hard on giving it a deduction or addition of points for Emma despite her being a main party involved.  Just one of those contextual paradigms that are difficult to unfold.



And it is…


or 85%

That’s a damn refutable score.  To tell you the truth, I’m not too big of a fan for Emma, but she has grown on me just a little bit.  This is definitely one of those cases where appearances can be deceiving.

A whole new slew of comic reevus

9 Jun

Well, I didn’t get comics for a month or so… There was a lot waiting for me.

Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up Grizzly Shark and Sea Bear, Return of Bruce Wayne #2, and my LCS still hasn’t received Tales of the TMNT #69.

Overall, I was fairly pleased with my pulls, and I even went out on a limb and bought some Marvel which was, surprisingly, really good.

So, let’s start it off with the bad and move towards the awesome:

Green Lantern #54:

It’s really unfortunate that most of these scenes in this book were sort of seen in others (mostly Brightest Day), and I’m a little tired of Green Lantern.  Honestly, this book is testing my patience.  It looks pretty and Doug Mahnke does his best with trying to make the Star Sapphire costume look not so slutty, but I feel like Geoff Johns is just trying to outdo himself with the next big, cosmic event.  Therefore, character studies are shot down for a rather boring plot.  And Lobo, seriously?  I’m giving this comic three more tries.  If it fails twice in those three times, then it’s out.

The best part of this comic, though, was Dex-Star (the Red Lantern Cat) kicking some ass.

Batgirl #11:

I’ll begin this by mentioning that there isn’t anything inherently wrong with this issue.  I feel like Bryan Q. Miller is doing a knockout job developing a voice for Stephanie.  Sure, Lee Garbett & Pere Perez’s pencils sort of make Stephanie’s boobs fluctuate size on a nearly frame by frame basis, but the art’s overall good.  Everyone’s doing a good job.  My problem is that the comic is doing things that have been done before.  Sure, these are all sort of training exercises for Stephanie, but the stakes are obvious and I don’t feel like there’s any real big threat.  The Calculator is nice, but that’s more so Barbara’s villain.  Is Stephanie going to get any of her own.

As far as dream sequences go, this was one of the more interesting ones out of the thousands out there in comic land.

Girl Comics #2:

I feel like this comic should be longer than it is.  I feel like there should be more stories in it.  Hell, I’m being charged $5 goddamn dollars for it, I might as well get some more stories.  Plus, what’s up with the shipping delay?

Alright, refocus on what’s actually here in the comic.  Unfortunately, it was hit and miss.  I enjoyed the intro again even if it felt like I was rereading the intro from before (I really liked the variation of She-Hulk’s costume).  The Inhumans was kinda bleh.  However, I really liked the hairdressing story because it didn’t really feel like it was shoving the issue of “hey, girls like to get their hair done!” but more so a thing that they do that shows a different aspect of their lives.  I liked the art and coloring on the “Do You Ever?” story even if the script was a bit lacking.  The two page spread of MJ searching for another superhero boyfriend was delightfully taking stabs at the machismo behind many male superheroes which made me pretty giddy.  The Dr. Strange story was a major disappointment.  I just did not understand what was going on.

So, overall, okay, but nothing major.

Batman #700(!):

Alright, I had to dish out the $5 on this landmark issue.  I figured it would probably not be that great, but, strangely, I found it to be pretty gosh darn good.  Now, let me preface it with me walking home 3 and a half miles in the rain worrying about my comics getting wet.  Then, it began pouring – like Puget Sound every day in February pouring – and I sought refuge.  Enter coffee shop and a warm chai.

I opened it up, and found this time-spanning narrative not confusing but, despite being defined by time periods, timeless.  Grant Morrison hit the mark on portraying that, no matter what, there will always be a need for a Batman in comics/the comic world.  Naturally, Frank Quitely’s frenetic energy in his section made a major impression.  It was unfortunate that he couldn’t finish the whole “Today” section.  I feel like they could have simply put a “Tonight” label after the switch to slightly differentiate between the artists and acknowledge the change up.

Now, I’m not a fan of Damien becoming Batman in the future.  Particularly because I think the transition would be too easy for the character… and I don’t like his batsuit.  So, that part was kinda “hmm meh” for me.  However, 2-Face-2 was hilarious as was the final joke.

The “And Tomorrow” section was genius showing off all the different Batmen that have come, gone, or will pass.  I really like the Full masked, silver-emblazoned one.

Overall, this is a pretty good story for a Batman fan with a little bit for everyone.  Sometimes, it didn’t hit the mark.  When it did, though, it was lovely.

Heralds #s 1 & 2:

After reading Kelly Thompson’s review of Her-alds, I decided to give it a try.  And, honestly, I am so glad I did.

Some Superheroes who just all happen to be women get together through an interesting means, and then, all of a sudden, a clones (of scientists and historical figures creating some funny moments with Einstein and later Hitler), Dinosaur, chaotic thing happens.  They bond together over fighting and then come together in the second issue over Frankie Raye and how she plays in the overall importance of recent events.

The art on these issues is amazing.  Some commentators (anonymous comments on other people’s reviews) have said that the art style is too indie or doesn’t differentiate between the women.  I would have to counter this by stating that I am not familiar in any depth with the majority of these characters, and I could tell them apart through facial differences.  Plus, I really like the slim, short-haired She-Hulk.  I mean, she’s lean but with lots of muscle.  Who’s to say the Gamma radiation has to make her bulky just to give her immense strength?

At times, the plot can be a little overwhelming and the dialogue quick, but another read through brings along more enjoyment.  Trust me, the first read is still just as good as you’re briskly trying to read what’s next.  This got me to chuckle aloud, which, as said numerous times before, is a hard thing to do.  Check out the Thompson review to see some pages from the actual book to see the interior art.

Red Robin #13:

Tim Drake-Wayne.  Marriage fake.  Identity.  New duds.  Checklists.  Hard Decisions.  Worth it?

I know that this comic is worth it.  You barely have to be knowledgeable about Tim Drake or this series to still really enjoy it, and the twist is wonderful.  God, I love this comic (and the writer switch – Fabian Nicieza who’s written Tim Drake before – hardly altered anything; a nice transition).

Invincible #72:

Within the Invincible Universe, I feel like Kirkman is at his best with writing violence.  I believe this also probably gives Ryan Ottley much more to play around with.  Anyone noticed the similar attacks Conquest utilizes?  Come on, the frames are nearly the same.

This issue completely surprised me in a good way.  The melodrama’s out of the way, and now it’s just super hard hitting and awesome.  I never knew breathing could be so great!

The Walking Dead #72:

God, does Kirkman know how to nail that final page for every issue.  I mean, it also works really fluidly during the trades, too.  Still, I just love it.

This issue focuses pretty heavy on the adjustment process with emphasis on Michonne, Andrea, and Glenn.  Um, yeah… mostly my favorite characters.  It’s nice to not see any zombies for a bit; although, I’m sure that will change next issue.  This is just such a consistently great comic.

Super HeroiHOT #14: Psylocke

2 Mar

Pink, skin, purple hair, everything that's stereotypically girly and fulfilling of fantasies

I decided to go after another X-Men today.  I realize that I haven’t done a Super HeroiHOT in awhile, but such is the life.  Plus, I just uploaded images for 4 characters I plan on doing soon to ComicVine over the weekend.  So, HA!

Overall, I felt like my 1000 Things We Hate post from earlier didn’t get out my full vehemence… So, I chose a character that could do that.


This is all you need to know about Psylocke: ass and S&M fantasies

Psylocke… You are on Vampirella’s level.  This is especially apparent during the Jim Lee era of Psylocke where she was constantly flaunting around in a thong.  I mean, really, Psylocke represents everything that was bad about the 90s, and her recent revival within the last 10 years has barely done anything to cover up that sexist mess.  What’s wrong with this costume/the whole character design is pretty obvious… nevertheless, here’s a list:

  • She’s a ninja… You have the dark color scheme… mixed with about 70% skin
  • All ass
  • Impractical!
  • Giant breasts
  • Impossible frame
  • Supposed to be Japanese (now) but comes usually off as European
  • S&M lacey boot things
  • Long, loose, purple hair (you’re a ninja…)
  • Bandanna on waist should probably catch on things
  • Purple Hair with a dark blue/purple costume… Seriously?


She honestly just does not have good costume choices.  The time she spends in the hood and almost entirely covered (seen later) is a move in the positive direction, but the color palette is still impractical, the material of the clothes is too light, and I really just don’t get it.

Point your toes! Arch your back! Hang your ass!

This one point down here, is only because you don’t have a boob window… If that was the case, this would be one of the worst costumes ever.

Appearance: 1/10


That's very concise.

Psylocke is pretty flat as a character.  I mean, she seemed more interesting back before she did that whole switching bodies things.  Some European girl riding the wave of Super Heroidom with psychic powers is a bit more compelling than another ninja.

See, that Crimson Dawn tattoo above her eye?  Apparently, that made her really angry and cold despite it saving her life.  Overall, I find her a frigid ice queen.

The problem is is that she really has this convoluted back story.  So, it’s hard to get into what drives her character aside from the regular reactionary stuff.  I want to know why she keeps going.  Why does she dress up the way she does?  Is there some purpose other than giving 11 year olds hard-ons?

Well, the way everyone has written her doesn’t provide this.  Things happen to her.  She does things in return.  She’s pretty damn easy to manipulate.  Unlike Karai, I feel that her willpower is little to none.

I would not want to go out on a date with this girl… It would just involve a lot of staring awkwardly past her hoping to see someone I know and me mostly just talking about myself for her to punctuate the conversation with a “Yes, I agree.”

Wow, a bathrobe provides her with more modesty!

Personality: 2/10


The costume's alright. I've always been a sucker for hoods. Jumping at Emma Frost... you're a ninja... you can do better.

The one skill that makes Psylocke stand out from the rest is her little psionic or whatever you may call it dagger thing that comes out of her arm.  It’s a pretty neat pink bedazzle that functions to slice and dice.

Other than that, Psylocke functions as your typical psychic meets assassin.

My Telekinetic Powers come out of my hips, crotch, and arched back, too!

A very frustrating thing about all of her skills is that she hardly uses them in conjunction with each other.  I mean, really, you could do a telekinetic pull while running off a wall and jumping at the person.  These two powers really work well together but she either does one or the other.

My skill set involves showing off some booty shots!

To top all of this off, Psylocke has been through a lot of shit.  Apparently she’s supposed to be a super badass ninja, and yet all of the times she’s been pulverized by (Sabretooth, mostly) loads of people really begs the question of “is she as powerful as the grandiose comics claim?”

Overall, she has a decent skill set, but the originality lies within a weapon and the mix of two of the most common powers ever… so, how far do you really expect her to go?

Super Powers: 5/10


Hey! Look! She actually looks Japanese... except they're making her read a girly magazine... way to amp up the image, Marvel!

Back when she had a European body, it seemed like she was a young teen trying to have fun and make sense of the world.

Nowadays, she basically just focuses on whatever she’s heading for/against which eliminates the opportunity for a developed secret identity.  When the occasion presents itself, she’s often characterized as a pseudo-typical (according to male eyes) woman who likes the girly things in life.

But mostly, she’s just distracted by business.

Secret Identity: 2/10


She’s naked in those “cute,” “ditsy,” “circumstantial,” “girly” ways a lot.

I am a princess (sort of) so you better!

Common utterances for women, I'm sure.

"Oh Dear," indeed.

– 5

Quite frankly, I just don’t see Psylocke of having any redeeming qualities aside from a tangled mess of a history, shitty costume, and lack of continuity.

This basically sums up everything impractical about Psylocke. Sure, the up shot is supposed to empower her, but it basically functions to highlight her crotch. Plus, why would you wear fabric that tears so goddamn easily? And, does she look Japanese? Because, I sure as hell don't think so.

– 5



…Ummm, this kinda means that I could have gone without the whole process of judging you for Super HeroiHOT…

Here’s some advice, Marvel:
– Re-develop Psylocke’s backstory into something coherent
– Re-design her hooded costume into something ninja appropriate (see Karai’s outfit from the TMNT animated movie)
– If the redevelopment of her backstory still maintains her as Japanese, then make sure she looks Japanese in every goddamn frame, you idiots
– Develop a voice for the character… she can’t just react to every goddamn thing.  She has to have agency.  Revenge motive or what?
– While developing, make sure that there’s just as much emphasis on her normal life as that of her super-heroing
– Re-think her powers.  I like her powers, but I don’t feel like they’re utilized in the appropriate way or to the degree that she flaunts it
– Put a strong writer on the book.  I would highly suggest a woman in the vein of what Gail Simone is doing with Wonder Woman or even what Greg Rucka (a man) is doing with Batwoman

If not even one of these suggestions is followed, then you’re going to have yet another piece of shit female character trash that will continually fuck up your image for women, Marvel.

On that note, I am picking up Girl Comics, tomorrow.

Sorry, you're pretty much useless, anyway.