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Cat Girl Comic Book Hope

10 Oct

Last night I went and saw Kimbra play some music live.  My friend Trent and I began the evening by waiting in line to get into the show.  We were directly behind this cute little girl in a leopard print dress including a black tu tu.  To top everything off, her shoes were actually bright red, fuzzy slippers with little claws.  She had a cat obsession, clearly.

The wonderful thing about this little girl was how playful she was, and that special something that warmed my heart: she was reading comics. [this post was just interrupted by a package being delivered for a book called “Reading Comics” which is not the book I was hoping  to read on the plane, but, oh well, I still got a book]  This little girl was full of energy taking her mom’s phone to use as a flashlight at the tables near the back of the venue (we ended up sitting behind them).  She was reading away first with a Sonic the Hedgehog comic and then with some sort of Angry Birds space picture book.  You could tell her mom was there for the music and this girl was there to satisfy her mom and to read books.

(The best quote from her was right before The Stepkids (who were reallllly bad) started playing another song and she exclaimed, “OH NO NOT AGAIN!”)

In case you haven’t gleaned from previous posts, I am an avid advocate for children’s comics.  I believe that companies should devote more time to fostering creative energy in children and start them early on comics.  Instead of the five titles a month coming out of the “Big Two” why not double or triple that?  You can tell that they have some sense of trying to get kids on comics, but that’s only one day of the year: Free Comic Book Day.  The comic companies are aware that children read comics, but they’re so caught up in appealing to this artificial white men, teens to 40s demographic that they don’t realize comics are for everyone!  This little girl is an example, Archie is appealing not only to the much younger generation’s demographic but also the little girls’ demographic.

Comics deserve to be in hands and read by everyone.  Companies should put emphasis on all readers rather than just alienating everyone outside of the superficial demographic.  Luckily, the “Big Two” aren’t the only ones making comics and the others know how to focus on kids.  Still, the “Big Two” have the (some) more recognizable characters so they should put an increased amount of effort into children’s comics.

Unfortunately, the little girl and her mom left right before the show was over.  I was going to get their attention and tell them, “hey, some of the best comics around for people your age are ____…”

Here’s a list that could have filled in the blank:

  • Owly
  • Tiny Titans
  • Johnny Boo
  • Archie
  •  Uncle Scrooge
  • Mega Man
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Smile
  • Tin Tin
  • Bone
  • and many others.

Photo Challenge – Something You’re Reading

3 Jul

After a bit of a false start, Kevin Keller and I are both enjoying “Summer Fun!”  So, that’s to say that I’m a little to be reading at the moment what with all of the disc I’ve been throwing lately…  I’m barely keeping up with my pull list for comics, but I have managed to squeeze in some reading over the last month.  Like 3 volumes of Tiny Titans (super short reads, I know, but they’ve made me laugh pretty hard for a comic reading), 2 volumes of Criminal, and the 2nd volume of Incognito.

Kevin Keller’s comic features prominently because I won’t be only reading that one for fun.  Sure, I’ll get some enjoyment out of it because I’ve grown fond of Archie Comics.  However, my end goal is to utilize this comic for my article on Kevin Keller and the representation of gay identity within the comic series/the Archie Universe as a whole.  It’s been rather frustrating because I think the series is shipping on a bi-monthly schedule so I’ve been waiting awhile for this one.  I decided that my scope would encompass the miniseries, the gay marriage issue, and the first three issues of his own series to make the grand total 8 comic books (though, Life With Archie #16 is basically two comics in a magazine format).

While working on my article on comics, I’ll read some while I’m at it.  The other two featured are The Infinite Horizon and Green River Killer.  The Infinite Horizon has Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto as the team behind the series.  It’s a post-apocalyptic horrorshow that sounds pretty awesome.  I picked it up on Free Comic Book Day and have been going through my stacks so I can read it.  From what I’ve gathered (both reading and viewing) Phil Noto is a phenomenal artist.  Green River Killer is a crime comic.  I bought it for Emerald City Comic Con to get it signed, but it was in the shipment that came late from Amazon so I wasn’t able to bring it.  On the outside I don’t think I care too much for crime comics, but I continually find myself reading them and enjoying them… I must secretly enjoy the hell out of them, then.

What’s on your reading list?  I have a whole box full of stuff I need to read, but it’s always great to hear what other people are reading.


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Catwoman #0

11 Jun

God Fucking Dammit.

ECCC 2012 part 1!

4 Apr

For the fourth time in four years, I dove headfirst into the great depths of pop culture fandom by attending Emerald City Comic Con.  This year, I had my sister (for the third year), Brendan (first year), Derek (first year), and Michael (first year) to join me in this strange journey.  We separated ourselves into two groups.  Michael and Derek went to panels all day while Lillian and I met creators and got free sketches all day.  Brendan was the wild card – he could be found with the show room floor crew or the panels crew or just off in his own world perusing the vestiges of glory along the aisles.

I’ll give you my first impressions of the show before going into the finer details.  Let me also get some stuff off my chest.

First off, the show was waaayyyyy busier this year.  There were way more people, and I’m under the impression that all of this congestion caused some people to not be as nice.  It still was pretty friendly, but it could be a bit too much.  Waiting in line to meet people also seemed to last a long time.  Other things?  There were a shitload of The Doctor cosplayers (from Doctor Who, silly).  To counter this, there were a shitload of Adventure Time cosplayers.  Seriously, these two groups comprised about 60% of the cosplayers which is A LOT.

Other sidenote: All of the creators were fascinated at me spelling my name E-L-L-I-O-T-T.  I’d be like “Can you personalize it to me?  My name’s Elliott, double ‘l’ double ‘t'”.  Most of them thought it was cool some called it a lot of vertical lines and many gave a great philosophic interpretation of my name’s spelling.

Here’s the thing I need to get off my chest: It’s really frustrating when certain creators have limited hours in which they’ll meet and greet/sign your stuff.  Particularly, I’m looking at the Image/Skybound crew and Bryan Lee O’Malley.  However, other people were not immune.  I went multiple times to see if I could find Brian Wood, Mike Allred, and Ed Brubaker.  Ed’s forgiven because he had three panels and a crazy long line the whole day.  But, Mike actually had his booth taken over by Matt Wagner’s son.  Brian Wood had a sign up for about three hours that said he was at a panel.  Apparently, he was there in the morning, but I didn’t have my second backpack of stuff with his comics in them at that time.  Anyway, I think that having these famous creators (Robert Kirkman) only sign for a grand two hours in a day is ridiculous.  Kirkman and many of the Image group also required you to get (free) tickets to see them.  Here’s how I figure it: creators need +1-2 hours for panels, +1 hour for interviews, +1 hour for lunch, and +1 hour for travelling and breaks (you could add even another hour for meeting with friends even though this usually happens at a bar afterward).  If Saturday is a 9 hour day, that leaves you with 4 hours to sign and meet fans.  I’m being VERY generous here.  There were some artists who were there sketching and drawing for almost 6 nearly straight hours who happen to not be as “big” as those other guys.  It’s even more frustrating to see someone (Kirkman) behind the Image booth just texting (or tweeting, I don’t know).

This is a problem for a casual fan like me who used just the ECCC site to plan out my day.  I did not investigate these certain creators to see when their signing times were on their websites.  So, it’s partly my fault.  I just thought they’d make themselves more available…

Okay, let’s get into the show in relatively chronicle order!

Click the “Read More” and prepare yourself for the greatest and longest visual assault on your reading eyes.  Pictures!  Funny stories!  Great people!  Great art! This post is totally taking me 3+ hours…

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Writing Challenge #44: My Favorite Blogs

23 Mar

AND HERE WE ARE FOR THE FINAL WRITING CHALLENGE!  Isn’t it great?  You’ve lasted 45 days (because I skipped one) with me as I have unveiled a multitude of things about myself!  Strange, I know.  Well, I decided that I’m going to keep up this post (or more) a day thing because it helps me write and it gets me thinking.  I’ll unveil the new challenge tomorrow.  If you’re privy to facebook, you may be able to guess what it is.

Anyway, My Favorite Blogs:

I obsessively check comic book sites everyday.  Here’s my normal succession of sites:


A great compilation of comic book news and pop culture fun.  A great resource for entertainment and they have a secret obsession with Pokémon.


Basically the original comic book site.  They have general comic book news, but the Comics Should Be Good portion of the site that Brian Cronin runs is the best part.  Great insight and comic book history.


Well, the name kind of says it all.  I love my female characters in comics and really want them to kick ass in the stories.  The site highlights the positives of what’s going on in the DC comic book world.  Naturally, they criticize the bad stuff like objectification, misogyny, and other fun things (which is a lot).


My co-blogger and I’d like to call friend Kelly runs this amazing site.  She updates not as regularly due to her multiple writing jobs on other sites (including on Comics Should Be Good with Brian Cronin), but her monthly Drunk Cover Solicits is usually the highlight of my week.



When I need straight up Pokémon news, I go here.  I also occasionally use the forums for trades (back when Arceus was a pain in the ass to get, I traded for him).


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Writing Challenge #43: Photo of Myself

22 Mar

In my photo you can see:

  • My darling face
  • My Broken Social Scene hoodie
  • My custom artwork behind me head
  • My B&W NECA Ninja Turtles Action Figures & the Fugitoid (THE ONLY TOYS I OWN… excluding the ones from my childhood)
  • Two of my bookshelves filled with Graphic Novels/Trades/Awesomeness (I have a total of 9 bookshelves in 2 bookcases, three of which are exclusively comics)

Okay… and I couldn’t resist… I took a picture of Sabre and I kissing!



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Writing Challenge #35: My Future Goals

14 Mar

The prompt for this post just makes me feel queasy recalling my Letter of Intent for the three Grad Schools I applied for.

Here’s the deal: I have two concurrent, parallel goals.  The first is to possibly break into the comic business as an editor.  I feel like I could make a lot of difference from the inside in concordance with the outside.  However, you have to put up with a lot of bullshit to get there.  I know I would probably be faced with the decision to let some sexist cheesecake art/writing slide in order to hit a deadline.  That’s upsetting.  So I think independent comics or smaller publishers is the way to go.  However, there’s not much money out there as an editor.  So, I can’t really aim for much.

The second is to teach comics as a profession.  This goal is a variation of the standard “I’m going to teach people how to do comics or about comics.”  Sure, it’s necessary to know about comics in order to learn about them, but I want students to engage in them, study them, critique them in a similar way as you would a film.  Comic books are a growing medium with even greater scholarly attention than before and should thus be given dutiful attention.  When 75% of Big Two comics don’t have female-leads, you know you have a problem needing attention.

There are a growing number of scholars specializing in comics, and I want to be among them with film as a fallback.

To teach and be a scholar versus actually working in the business?  Both attempt to reach comics and change in different ways, and I think I’ll be happy with either.  Though, I’m kind of leaning towards teaching.  It would be fun to spread my knowledge to others and watch them learn.


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