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Photo Challenge – School Binder

28 Jun

I feel like this prompt on school binders (sorry… sorry… ‘prompt’ is such a cool word) is meant for teenagers.  HEY GUYS, let’s make a prompt for high schoolers!  Loser high schoolers who spend more time on the internet than with their friends!  …Wait, I’m just like that and I’m in college…

Anyway, I imagine that the prompt is expecting binder covers with sparkles and dinosaur puff stickers.  Well, my binder is one of necessity because this is the only binder I have available to me.  My photography binders from high school would probably be the ones up here…

Instead, this is my binder for my Advanced Media Studies course from the fall.  I’m keeping it handy because my final project for the course was on Kevin Keller and how Archie represents the gay identity through their idealized community.  I’ve been waiting on the third issue of his solo series for a little while now (finally ordered it through eBay… $3 comic… plus $4 shipping T_T), so now I can begin finishing up my article in order to submit it to some journals.  Just as a FYI, in that backwards image that I forgot to flip, there is an “A” standing proud and clear.

I also presented this article at the NWCA conference which was pretty fun.

So, there you go… there’s my loser green binder with white paper that has ink on it with additional organizational tabs.



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13 May

Let’s make this clear: I did not do this on stage today.  Although, I wanted to wear a pirate hat.

That’s right, I graduated from my Undergrad school today.  Look at me moving on in life! …to more school in August.  Yay Graduate School!

It was nice to be with some people for the last time.  I suppose you don’t really consider it your last time with them.  Everything is normal and you crack some jokes, but you may not have a social interaction with this person in years, if ever.  Thank god there are things like facebook where you can link to shit (MY BLOG) and post funny animal or back flip or orchestrated theater pictures/videos.  Or, you know, gifs of Fergie grabbing and playing with her boobs as will. i. am. points and smiles along.

Nevertheless, it’s reluctantly an achievement.  Particularly since I’m eating Thin Mints, drinking Fireball Whiskey and Coca-Cola, and listening to The Flaming Lips’ 24 hour song.  And I get to move over half of my shit tomorrow!  Yeah!

Song Challenge – Song I Wish was on the Radio

19 Apr

Alright, alright, alright.  I’ll admit something: I do not listen to the radio all that often.  Basically, the most I listen to it is when I’m at work and it’s set on Top 40 or Classical.  The sad thing is that I’m apparently missing out on great radio stations.  Our radio station at school, KUPS, has been voted numerous times as one of the top college radio stations in the nation.  In addition, I’m right next door to KEXP in Seattle.

I would like to think that I’m missing out.  But, trust me, I have plenty of music on my own.  Plus, I like to control what I listen to for fear of something shitty coming up.

Anyway, I’d like Akron/Family’s “Many Ghosts” to be played on the radio more often.  It’s pretty awesome.


Music and Radio and awesomeness.  All of which you can find by checking out the SONG CHALLENGE.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil – Review!

23 Oct

I like really gory movies with a humorous twist to them.  I mean, really, what other venue do you get to laugh really hard about the silly ways people die?  I’m a huge fan of The Toxic Avenger because it’s hilarious and has ridiculous gore parts.  What I’m not a fan of is films like The Human Centipede or Saw that has the gore merely to freak you out.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is one of those films that makes you laugh.  And, by laugh, I mean laugh really hard.  I suppose it helps that it does not take itself too seriously.

What is Tucker & Dale vs. Evil?  Well, it’s kind of hard to pin down.  Basically, it follows two hillbillies as they go up to their newly bought vacation shack so they can go fishing and enjoy the good life with their dog.  On the other hand, there is also a group of snobby college kids who go up to the same lake.  Tucker and Dale eventually save one of the college students but at the expense of the group of college kids thinking that they have kidnapped her.  The rest of the film is incidentally the college kids trying to save their friend from the good-hearted hillbillies who have hearts of gold.  The college students end up accidentally killing themselves in their efforts to hilarious effect.

The thing that I liked about the film was that it was a parody; a parody on the horror film and just misconceptions in general.  It shows that people who do make judgements and have prejudices like the snobby college kids are not the friendliest, nor the smartest, people.  I also really enjoyed how you end up rooting for the hillbillies who, in any other horror movie like Hostel, would normally be the sick, demented, bad guys.  And, best of all, I liked how flawed the movie, purposely to me, seemed.  There was perfect hair despite all of the chaos for everyone but the hillbillies, lighting shifts, and other little things that really made the film seem like a B-Film.  It was grand, essentially.

It also helped that the acting was superb.  Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk are our innocent hillbillies just looking for a nice vacation.  Their relationship really holds the movie together.  Katrina Bowden also had a relatively strong performance.  And, the rest of the college kids hammed up their parts to good effect.  It turns out evil might be younger than you think.


Supes Cheer – Music Playlist

5 May

So, there are some Seniors in my life who are graduating.  For Sarah, Rochelle, and Lindsey, I made a special playlist of exciting and happy songs to carry them on through their last couple of undergrad days.  So, check it.

1. The Apples in Stereo – Go

I kicked the playlist off with “Go” because it just pumps with energy and excitement.  It’s infectiously happy and ridiculous.

2. Starlight Mints – The Bandit

Starlight Mints have been a band that I’ve loved since middle school.  I remember buying their first two CDs off of their webiste.  So much of my time driving that 15 minutes to school with Lillian was spent whistling away to this song.

3. The Go! Team – Panther Dash

MC Ninja is a badass.  This band is a badass.  This song is a badass.

4. Of Montreal – Springtime is the Season

I just find this song to be so pleasant and pleasing.  This was before Kevin Barnes and the band went all ghetto-dance-magic (which I still love).

5. The Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle With Me

Woo hoo for Rashida Jones spotting!

6. The Presidents of the United States – Kick Out the Jams

I totally had to include something so kickass and punk.  The actual recorded song is a minute +, but they totally go for it in the video.  It just pumps you up.

7. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – Seems To Be On My Mind

So you can mostly just hear them through the chorus, but I wanted you to see how goddamn cute they are with their deep voices and catchy string instruments.  Oh, and more whistling!  They know the way to my heart.

8. Oh No! Oh My! – Walk In The Park

This song is so witty and cute and I love it.  Plus, the fan-made vid is pretty good, too.

9. Sam Woodworth – Lavender Girl


Okay, I could not find any real living record of this song.  I’m pretty sure I got it in the KUPS reject bin (which still has some pretty awesome stuff in it for being rejects).  Nevertheless, the song is immensely cute and I’ve been singing the chorus to myself ever since I woke up.

10. The Ladybug Transistor – The Swimmer


Here’s a preview of the song.  It’s much more laid back but it has some flutes and horns in it.  It’s relaxing-happy.  Like you’re basking in the sun – happy.

11. Architecture in Helsinki – That Beep

Yeah.  So, it’s one of those super weird music videos.  But that song is so damn catchy!  Plus, there’s just something so strange about this music video that you must love it.  Turquoise people unite!

12. Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position

You know, I used to not really care for Patrick Wolf, but now I have seen the error of my ways and really enjoy him in all of his flamboyance.  He’s darling.

13. The White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl

I slipped in another rock/punk(ish) song full of Legos!  This song just gets me pumped.  Pumped enough to play with Legos for hours!  Did I mention Legos!?

14. Tender Forever – No One Will Tell No One For Sure

I’ve seen this song live.  It was magical.

15. Pseudo Psychic Accumulation – Exploring Caverns


Okay… so, you know… I had to slip in one of my own songs.  This one just makes me really happy.  Particularly because it was secretly challenging.  I played the keyboards on it… by playing my computer keyboard.  Plus, I made it all up on the spot.  And just as an FYI, all of my songs on last.fm under my old name of Pseudo Psychic Accumulation and under my new name of Mechanistic Moth are free to listen and free to download in case you ever feel the need.

16. Chairlift – Bruises

I first heard this song in the credits of a short film that I was judging.  It instantly captured me.  Then it got famous and what not and it was awesome.  So, Congrats to Chairlift!  So enjoyable.

As a bonus, check out this acoustic version:

It’s really different especially since she sings a lot lower.

17. I’m From Barcelona – Collection of Stamps

Okay, seriously, who writes a song about collecting stamps?  That’s right, I’m From Barcelona.  The song is insanely catchy and joyous, I enjoy it mucho.

18. The Brunettes – Mars Loves Venus

I remember going to Maui in high school, and this song was on a Paste Magazine CD that they used to give out.  Then, I saw them open for Rilo Kiley (which they totally kicked their ass), and this song has been magic for me ever since.  They are just so crazy energetic and bubblegum pop-esque.  I highly recommend looking at their other stuff.

19. Flight Of The Conchords – Bret You’ve Got It Going On

I text Selena and asked her what her favorite Flight Of The Conchords song is, and she responded with this.

20. The Unicorns – I Was Born (A Unicorn)

There’s so much in this song that makes it so ridiculous.  I mean, they basically foretell how they’re going to break up the band by having a whole section of them bickering in the lyrics.  Nevertheless, this song is uniquely its own.

21. Breathe Owl Breathe – Swimming

Have I mentioned how much I love Breathe Owl Breathe?  To the effect that they are possibly my favorite band (even though I don’t have their two earlier albums).  I hum this song when I feel down.  It’s perfect.

22. The Polyphonic Spree – Section 9 (Light & Day/Reach For The Sun)

Is it possible to have any song happier than this?  I don’t think so.  Yeah, Lillian and I blew out the speakers in our old car listening to Polyphonic Spree.  The end.

COMM370 Week 15 Responses

2 May

I found Lorde’s general examination of difference quite telling.  I especially liked the quote that “it is our refusal to recognize those differences [in race, gender, class], and to examine the distortions which result from our misnaming them and their effects upon human behavior and expectation” (664).  This comment reacts to our “Post-___” society where people are trying to move past/ignore things in order to say that our society is through with them.  We cannot say that we’re post-racial because there is still racism, and anyone who ignores that is foolhardy.

I also found Lorde’s examination of poetry as a means to convey emotion for the underpriveleged very interesting because I had never particularly thought of poetry in that way.  It’s rather insulting then that literature publications often ignore and do not publish poetry.  I feel like poetry, as a whole, is a means of conveying hardship and relieving onself of emotions that rest heavy upon the heart and the head.  Therefore, poetry and even just literature should be encouraged at all levels.

bell hooks’ argument that the patriarchal system of society should be removed because it is the foundation of “all other oppressive [structures]” is very compelling (672).  It sort of seems like she argues that the patriarchal system is the root of all evil, and I can see this because it promotes domination.  The system emphasizes oppression in all forms which carries out to involve sexism, classism, racism, and discrimination based upon sexual identity.  She focuses primarily on sexism throughout her essay because it affects not just the public life but the private life, too.  When something is so pervasive as to affect such a significant amount of life, then it must be challenged.

Once again, the article by Thompson reminded me of being called a “fag” in high school just for expressing my negotiation of identity.  Thompson suggests that boys/men need to open themselves up to a wider range of emotions and acceptability.  So much of masculinity is based on aggression rather than compromise.  I have always tried to side on negotiating through problems without violence.  Now, that hasn’t prevented me of thinking about throwing a punch or two or being furious, but I’ve learned to accept that those people were dealing with insecurities about themselves rather than plainly just attacking me.  Plus, it would be a really scrappy fight that I would probably lose if I even tried.

Nevertheless, I did not have too many allies because I did not really talk about my negative experiences and discrimination during high school.  I mostly just shrugged it away.  Therefore, I did not have the supportive network that Ayvazian envisions because I handled it on my own.  My way may have not been too effective, but it worked.  Nevertheless, I can see how Ayvazian’s way would probably be much more beneficial if I had followed it.

I feel as if Nielsen and Lovato’s articles are relatively the same because they show how organizations can effect change.  For Nielsen, a small organization can negotiate wage disputes and benefit farmworkers while Lovato shows that activism and technology can also effect change.

The volunteerism article made me think about the volunteer work that I do.  I volunteer usually once or twice a week at The Grand Cinema.  This type of work definitely seems more on the charity side of things rather than the solidarity because I do not put much effort into it (I’m just working concessions), and I come out mostly benefitting myself rather than others.  Sure, the patrons get to have kindly service buying their popcorn and some good conversation about movies, but we don’t delve into deeper social issues unless a movie (like Waiting for Superman) comes along and brings those issues up.  My volunteer work is easy compared to what other people do.  Nevertheless, it does help things run, and I feel like I’m a part of something big and positive.  This article by Leonard does show that, for future volunteer work, I should look for something that provides solidarity rather than just charity.

COMM370 Week 14 Responses

1 May

I remember the good ol’ MySpace days. And so does danah boyd. Of course, boyd’s whole point revolves around mostly MySpace and seems to be pre-Facebook. Nevertheless, I used to have that MySpace thing. I abandoned it for Facebook once getting into college, but I had it! My parents never really felt like they needed to stalk me on it or anything. Sure, there were occasional run-ins, but nothing major like what the article describes. They did not create accounts just to search for me. Plus, I’ve always been careful about the information I’ve shared (yes, I have had the occasional stalker), but it wasn’t too fend off my parents. Overall, I mostly just have to worry about trolls finding me or something.

Montgomery’s “Born to be Wired” perhaps is most interesting in she investigates in-game advertising. This sort of follows (or, at least, leads into) where the other videogame articles go. In-game advertising is interesting because I find that videogames allow you to escape the real world. Yet, once you escape, you are still bombarded with advertisements. Therefore, it’s not much of an escape at all in a consumerist point of view.

I am also one of those people that plays videogames fairly frequently. I suppose I recognize the (mis)representations of people within that virtual world. I agree that they support the white, male, heterosexual hegemony. Nevertheless, I buy into them as entertainment. I suppose that I try to make myself aware of those things as they come up, but I’m not constantly worrying about them. I believe when a game acknowledges that it’s so over-the-top then I can laugh with it, but it is when games subtly influence people that seems more disconcerting. Then again, those so over-the-top games do have their followers and they are probably not media literate to know what they’re experiencing. This isn’t necessarily their fault, they just have not been trained to take a critical eye to what they’re consuming. Then again, I think that everyone should be concerned when those killing hookers videos of GTA 4 pop up all over the web.

In terms of historical presentations, I suppose that all videogames have to create their own worlds. Some worlds are fictional while others are relatively factual. Replaying army conquests to desensitize future soldiers is rather scary, but it’s when those same games are out on the market that it becomes even more frightening. This history in war games (like WW2 conquests) is often geared towards the winners of the war and focuses in on subverting the player.