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Cat Girl Comic Book Hope

10 Oct

Last night I went and saw Kimbra play some music live.  My friend Trent and I began the evening by waiting in line to get into the show.  We were directly behind this cute little girl in a leopard print dress including a black tu tu.  To top everything off, her shoes were actually bright red, fuzzy slippers with little claws.  She had a cat obsession, clearly.

The wonderful thing about this little girl was how playful she was, and that special something that warmed my heart: she was reading comics. [this post was just interrupted by a package being delivered for a book called “Reading Comics” which is not the book I was hoping  to read on the plane, but, oh well, I still got a book]  This little girl was full of energy taking her mom’s phone to use as a flashlight at the tables near the back of the venue (we ended up sitting behind them).  She was reading away first with a Sonic the Hedgehog comic and then with some sort of Angry Birds space picture book.  You could tell her mom was there for the music and this girl was there to satisfy her mom and to read books.

(The best quote from her was right before The Stepkids (who were reallllly bad) started playing another song and she exclaimed, “OH NO NOT AGAIN!”)

In case you haven’t gleaned from previous posts, I am an avid advocate for children’s comics.  I believe that companies should devote more time to fostering creative energy in children and start them early on comics.  Instead of the five titles a month coming out of the “Big Two” why not double or triple that?  You can tell that they have some sense of trying to get kids on comics, but that’s only one day of the year: Free Comic Book Day.  The comic companies are aware that children read comics, but they’re so caught up in appealing to this artificial white men, teens to 40s demographic that they don’t realize comics are for everyone!  This little girl is an example, Archie is appealing not only to the much younger generation’s demographic but also the little girls’ demographic.

Comics deserve to be in hands and read by everyone.  Companies should put emphasis on all readers rather than just alienating everyone outside of the superficial demographic.  Luckily, the “Big Two” aren’t the only ones making comics and the others know how to focus on kids.  Still, the “Big Two” have the (some) more recognizable characters so they should put an increased amount of effort into children’s comics.

Unfortunately, the little girl and her mom left right before the show was over.  I was going to get their attention and tell them, “hey, some of the best comics around for people your age are ____…”

Here’s a list that could have filled in the blank:

  • Owly
  • Tiny Titans
  • Johnny Boo
  • Archie
  •  Uncle Scrooge
  • Mega Man
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Smile
  • Tin Tin
  • Bone
  • and many others.

Coffin Mountain Hike

14 Jul

Yesterday was an interesting day for a hike.  We set out for Coffin Mountain, and, following the directions from our book, we arrived… eventually.

See, the thing the book failed to mention was that there were actually two FS1168 roads.  They eventually wound back around to each other, but we went to the first one we saw because that’s what the book said… that’s the road!  So, we traversed along the trail for quite a long while until we got a flat tire.  So, the boys (my Mom was walking around) changed the tire on a hill.  It went surprisingly easier than we expected.  Eventually we gave up and just went on a road.  ONLY TO DISCOVER THERE WAS THE OTHER FS1168.

Finally, we reached Coffin Mountain after driving alongside a cliff on gravel road with no guardrail.  So, I was pretty tense.  We got out of the car about 2 hours after we expected to begin our hike.  We head out on the trail that was basically uphill THE ENTIRE WAY.  My Mom fell back behind us spry boys.  Mind you, she had a conversation with me the night before predicting who would be the one who could actually keep up with her (THANKS FOR READING THIS MOM).  Her prediction actually came true on the downhill, though.

After reaching the very top of the mountain, we proceeded to head over to the cliff.  Now, my sense of fear and danger acted up and I refused to get anywhere close to the edge.  The nearest I came was probably 10 feet away.  Aaron and Troy egged me on, but it was not happening.  Of course, they went right to the edge and looked down.  Troy was the daredevil standing on one leg and doing stupid stuff. I was like, “goddamit, I do not want to see one of my best friends plummet to their death.”  Of course, I would only see the beginning of the fall since I was so far away.

The view was gorgeous, and it was crazy thinking that you were 5,700 feet above sea level.  That’s a whole mile+ folks.  Aside from the mountains, we were one of the highest things up around.

Surprisingly, we didn’t see many birds, only some wildflowers and a tiny garter snake all of the way up in a patch of snow (ballsy).  Mom and I decided to head back down the trail, but the boys (Troy) insisted that they would go to the other ledge.  As told later, apparently Aaron kept on telling Troy not to go out on a certain ledge and then finally gave up and said, “be careful.”

We made it down the path fairly quickly even though it was making my destroyed knees all wobbly.

We came back (on a smaller tire and a car that was smoking at one point), ate, played a game of Catan (I demolished them), watched “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” and they headed out.  Frustratingly, I somehow in the time between the hike and Scott Pilgrim got pretty sick.  Now I’m just resting and drinking tea (it’s about 80º outside).  So, awesome.

Positive, I came home to this lady:

Photo Challenge – Something I See in the Morning

10 Jul

Oh!  You guys!  You’re going to love this one!

I realized what was expected of someone doing this challenge: just take a photo of something you see every morning.  Well, I had to go to the bare bones of this prompt.  I wanted to take a picture of something as I was waking up.

In order to pull this off (and hence the reason I kept on messing up this prompt), I kept my DSLR camera next to my head as I slept.  As soon as I woke up I grabbed my camera (which was crazy hard to remember) and snapped off some photos.  I’d like to think that these photos represent our true understanding of the world upon awakening.  Such as the “what the fuck am I looking at I’m so groggy” parts of the world…

This is the first picture of the series.  This occurred at about 7:15 because I remember hearing my Mom finish her workout on the Wii/possibly scramble around in heels… I really wasn’t sure what was going on at this point.  Though, you can see my foot!

Also, let me clarify, with a DSLR camera, you have to actually (unless you’re a wimp) hold the eyepiece up to take a shot.  In these instances, I just picked the thing up and shot from my lap and/or chest… once again, I really don’t remember.

Somehow, I managed to shoot off two photos.  I think that my hand probably lollygagged around and shot this.  Hilariously, this shot is of the door possibly a “ohhhh gawdddd… Sabre shut the hell up, I’m going to feed you!” or a “it’s so farrrr away!”

Strangely enough, this photograph took place after I returned from feeding the cat and going to the bathroom, and yet this is the least distinguishable of the set so far.  I believe that’s my foot and the lights running down the wall are from the sunlight pouring into the room, but strangely, I just wanted to take a photo of the closet door.  BECAUSE IT IS THAT AWESOME.

One would believe that after the third photo my morning would be finished.  However, I wake up twice in the morning!  The first time is to feed the cat (blegh!) which leads to me going to the bathroom (yeah!), and the time this occurs varies upon Sabretooth’s temper/laziness/hunger/desire for attention.  Then, I proceed back to sleep and wake up again this time to my alarm.  So, this photo takes place during the second wake up.  To be fair, I looked at my alarm and thought “shit, did I get any good photos earlier?”  So, I shot this one off BECAUSE IT IS ADORABLE AND MY CAT IS SLEEPING NEXT TO ME.  It’s also blurry as shit which could be interpreted as my eyes opening.

And this last one is of my legs under the covers about to be pulled out.  HOW GRAND!


Hope you enjoyed my experimental wake-up-and-shoot-photos-as-your-eyes-are-glazed-over excitement!  For more entertaining things involving pictures, check out my archive of the PHOTO CHALLENGE!

Writing Challenge #43: Photo of Myself

22 Mar

In my photo you can see:

  • My darling face
  • My Broken Social Scene hoodie
  • My custom artwork behind me head
  • My B&W NECA Ninja Turtles Action Figures & the Fugitoid (THE ONLY TOYS I OWN… excluding the ones from my childhood)
  • Two of my bookshelves filled with Graphic Novels/Trades/Awesomeness (I have a total of 9 bookshelves in 2 bookcases, three of which are exclusively comics)

Okay… and I couldn’t resist… I took a picture of Sabre and I kissing!



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Writing Challenge #28: My Pets

7 Mar

My Pets:


SERIOUSLY!  I have been looking for this picture for an hour and a half.  THROUGH ALL OF  MY FILES.  I’m pretty sure it was on facebook, but now I can’t find it.

So, instead you get another photo of me and Sabretooth:

Sabre is the shining joy in my life even if half the time she’s a total nuisance.  Right now she’s sleeping on the chair in front of me.  She means the world to me, and I will have to find housing that accepts pets when I move in a few months.

And here’s a picture of me and one of our dogs, Ringo:

Ringo injected new life into Sammy when we got him.  He’s a beagle/terrier mix with a lot of energy.  He likes to chase deer.

Who’s missing?

My childhood cat Bandit who is rocking on like 15 years or something in all of her fat glory.

My childhood dog Sammy who’s rocking on something around 11 years in all of his chihuahua/terrier glory.

And the newest addition to the family pets (Sabretooth’s the newest addition overall), Setsuna.

The picture I’m looking for has me with Setsuna and Bandit.  I still need to find one of Sammy.

If I find future pictures of them, I will add them.



Here’s a picture of Sammy and Ringo with their shock collars on (we live on about 3 acres in the boonies):

And, as Lillian pointed out, I embarrassingly forgot our other cat Gizmo.  Who’s gigantic and just kind of loafs around the house without getting pet that much.



Lillian spammed my facebook wall with pictures of our pets.  I will only include the ones that are currently living.

Above is me with two of our cats a couple of summers ago.  The one on the left (the tortie) is Setsuna.  My Dad and I went to the Bend Humane Society to play with the pets, and he ended up getting Suna.  My mother was angry.  It has now become their favorite cat ever.

On the right is my childhood cat Bandit.  She’s the sweetest thing ever, and has probably seen me cry more than any other pet we’ve owned.

I’ve never been particularly attached to Gizmo mostly because he just goes and does his own thing, but he’s a good cat.  He’s huge, too.  His name comes from ‘Gizmo’ in the Gremlins movies.  We’ve alternated between giving names to our pets.  Lillian usually gets the final rule, but I named him.


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Writing Challenge #20: Attractiveness

28 Feb

What I find attractive in other people:

Oh, how this list could go on…

  • Reading comics
  • Talking comics
  • Loving Pokémon
  • Having a cute butt
  • A kind heart (that was a lie)
  • Distinguishing features
  • Love for cats
  • Ability to burp on command
  • Yogurt
  • Own an ice cream truck (side story: one time Aaron and I were in Oregon City and this girl selling ice cream drove up and we bought some ice cream from her and she was wearing the shortest short shorts I have ever seen – that wasn’t in a porn)
  • Tentacles
  • Slightly ruffled hair
  • A lanky stride
  • Know Pi up to 8 decimal spaces
  • Does their laundry at least once a month (preferably twice or more)
  • Owns a squirt gun
  • Compiles lists

Does that give you a good idea?  Sure, sure… half of those are not true, but it’s a game for you to find out which ones are!  (please don’t come up to me and burp in my face)



For the entire Writing Challenge, follow theeee link!

Writing Challenge #4: Loves

11 Feb

3 Loves:

1.) Sabretooth

Is there really no surprise here?  I love my cat tremendously… even when she’s being a bitch while scratching at the door, chewing on my paper, biting my face, and everything else she does.

2.) Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Hilltop Zone

So, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is probably my favorite game of all time (particularly playing it with Knuckles on the Genesis and the funky adapter thing).  Hilltop Zone is my favorite level.  I have no idea why.  Really, it’s not that creative a level design, but the music calls to me.  There’s just something so enchanting about it.  Plus, the British guy playing through the level is hilarious.

3.) Foosball

I LOVE Foosball.  It also helps that I’m really good.  While I’m microwaving something, I will more than likely be practicing my shots.  I am that dedicated.  Oh, and I’ve won with two different teammates the last two foosball tournaments at my house.

Well, that’s it.  Stuff is in the oven!


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