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Lover’s Spit

7 Jan

Getting distracted while reading an article about performance in prisons (AKA the thug life).

This version of Lover’s Spit on Bee Hives is so much better than on You Forgot It In People (and I love the shit out of that album).


Song Challenge: Favorite Songs

24 Mar

I covered this in the WRITING CHALLENGE here.

It’s Shampoo Suicide by Broken Social Scene.


For the whole Song Challenge go here.

Writing Challenge #43: Photo of Myself

22 Mar

In my photo you can see:

  • My darling face
  • My Broken Social Scene hoodie
  • My custom artwork behind me head
  • My B&W NECA Ninja Turtles Action Figures & the Fugitoid (THE ONLY TOYS I OWN… excluding the ones from my childhood)
  • Two of my bookshelves filled with Graphic Novels/Trades/Awesomeness (I have a total of 9 bookshelves in 2 bookcases, three of which are exclusively comics)

Okay… and I couldn’t resist… I took a picture of Sabre and I kissing!



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Writing Challenge #16: Favorite Songs

23 Feb

Favorite Songs:

“Shampoo Suicide” by Broken Social Scene is my favorite song of all time.  It’s the song that will, guaranteed, get my eyes a little more wet. It’s building and building to an all out explosion of emotion ruptures my heart.  The song is a work of beauty that is so multilayered and complicated.  Also, blow jobs figure prominently in the song… I think it’s more so how the lyrics are song than what they’re about.  Still, kind of funny.

By the way, the album version has Feist on it.


“Sabertooth Tiger” by Breathe Owl Breathe is another favorite song.  It’s the song that I named “Sabretooth” (notice how the “r” and “e” switch places) after.  To tell you the truth, A LOT of Breathe Owl Breathe songs are my favorite songs as you’ll see with my writing challenge post for tomorrow.

And I’m seeing Breathe Owl Breathe tonight in Seattle.  Yipee!


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Music that gives me THE CHILLS

26 Feb

There’s a certain playlist I have called THE CHILLS. It consists of every song (that I’ve heard so far because there’s a lot to catch up on from Daytrotter) that happens to give that spine tingle where you feel the sudden impulse to stop anything and everything. Those songs that make you feel like you’re in another continent (Antarctica, preferably).

So, check out the playlist:

1. Super Furry Animals – All the Shit U Do

This haunting beginning reminds everyone that there is something greater out there.  The song builds and builds erupting with a spring of emotion.  It informs you that you are still alive throughout all the shit others do.

2. Goldfrapp – Number 1

Not often do you get a dance song that also makes you feel wanted and loved no matter it all.  Plus, who makes scratching your butt sexier than this video!?

3. Talkdemonic – Ending the Orange Glow

Beautiful and frantic drums surprisingly hold this masterpiece together.  Something so beautiful can be done with only two people each playing their parts.  Instrumental music always gets me.

4. Cat Power – In This Hole

There is something so haunting about Chan’s voice as it shakes back and forth.  The song seems to be so dark, but the glockenspiel shows that even in those darkest moments, there will be hope.

5. Mirah – Don’t Die in Me

A song that absolutely captures what it means to end a relationship and how either side will still have feelings for the other.  Every time when the drums come in, I gasp.

6. Ugly Casanova – Barnacles

Isaac Brock shows up on this list twice (in two different bands because one of the rules is that a band can only appear once) for a good reason.  The image of being a barnacle on a sinking ship will always stay with me.  It’s one of those things that I think about to cheer myself up, “hey, at least I’m not on a sinking ship, as a barnacle!”

7. Page France – Northern Light

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a video/song for this one for you to check out.  The slow build up to the song and the glock coming in really brings it together.  It’s that type of long-distance relationship thing.  “She loves all of my mistakes” is one of the truest things to love.

8. The Ruby Suns – Sun Lake Rinsed

When the song comes together after the lovely weirdness, it turns into this tragic, hypnotic pop song.  There’s something so strange but works so well.

9. The Dø – On My Shoulders

One of those voices that is hard to get used to at first, but it really screams desperation yet care.

10. Sparklehorse – Piano Fire

This is by far one of my favorite songs of all time.  Plus, it is one of the best features of PJ Harvey around.

11. At Last an Atlas – New Years Sky

A simple song with plenty of beatz and synths.  It’s relaxing and genuine.

12. Yo La Tengo – Damage

The thumping bass leads into beautiful voices carrying beautiful lyrics.  It was a super hard choice to come to with Yo La Tengo because they have so many songs that make me shiver with emotion.

13. Odawas – One Step

You can check out the song here and download it for free.

The chugging bass line and the dystopic future coming through the lyrics.  The frail exclamation of “One step over the line” will stay with you for a long time.

14. The Whitest Boy Alive – Gravity

Another chugging bass line with really tight drums and a wonderful interplay between the guitar and keyboard.  A great song that covers the trials and tribulations of friendships mixing with relationships.

15. Land of Talk – Speak to Me Bones

A classical example of a modern rocking song, but it’s the lead singer’s voice during the chorus that really grabs your attention.

16. Sunset Rubdown – The Empty Threats of Little Lord

“I wish you the best, you snake” rings so clearly at the end; it makes all of the build up so rewarding.

17. Laura Veirs – Galaxies

Clearly one of the best music videos up here.  She has a cacophony of wonderful, beautiful songs all of which give me the chills, but I heard this song first from her.  It has always left a lasting impression.

18. Menomena – My My

I just found this video and it’s from the concert I went to!  “What if all of my enemies were dead?” is one of the best opening lines for any song.  It really brings up a big question: how do we define ourselves, is it by others?

19. Department of Eagles – Phantom Other

It’s easy to confuse Department of Eagles with Grizzly Bear on occasion, but Department of Eagles wins out on this list.  Whenever says “My God ____” it always catches my interest even if I don’t believe in God.

20. The Arcade Fire – My Body is a Cage

The drums in the beginning are so ominous like drums of war or something.  It really captures the terror of having your body be a cage.

21. Leonard Cohen – Who By Fire

This song is spiritual and great from a classic.

22. Black Moth Super Rainbow – Drippy Eye

Don’t pay too much attention to the trippy visuals from the student made video.  The song’s trippy enough as it is.

23. Bat For Lashes – Horse and I

Please excuse the first 45 seconds of that video.  This song has everything going for it: a frantic piano line, musical saw, and plucked violin.  Really, you can’t get much better than that.

24. El Perro Del Mar – Party

This may be one of the creepiest videos on the line-up.  This is my favorite song of her’s and for good reason.  It’s desperate with emotion, calling out for anyone – for help.

25. Baths – Hall

The song can be a little bit frantic with everything that’s going on, but, once that voice comes in, everything is put into perspective.

26. The Octopus Project – Queen

This may be one of the few (only?) Octopus Project songs with lyrics.  No matter what they do, it’s beautiful.

27. Chairlift – Planet Health

There’s something strangely sexy and depressing about this song.  It’s such an odd, successful mix.

28. Modest Mouse – Dramamine

Here’s Isaac Brock’s round two on the list.  This song is one that makes you want to just lay on your back and watch the stars.

29. The Microphones – I Felt Your Shape

This is the quintessential Microphones/Mt. Eerie song.  It should be plainly obvious.

30. Headphones – Slow Car Crash

This is the most tragically beautiful love song ever written.

31. Eels – I’m Going to Stop Pretending that I Didn’t Break Your Heart

Another musical saw!  It’s a song about all those times in which you wish you had apologized for something but never did.

32. A Lull – Skinny Fingers (Alt. Version)

Another one of those songs that makes you freeze in your steps.  When the voices start overlapping, you feel a strange harmony.

33. Radiohead – Climbing Up the Walls

I feel like The Arcade Fire’s “My Body is a Cage” owes a lot to this song or just Radiohead in general.  Everyone owes something to Radiohead.

34. Broken Social Scene – Shampoo Suicide

This is my favorite song of all time.  It makes me cry almost every time… even if it may be about blow jobs…

35. Final Fantasy – The CN Tower Belongs to the Dead

When you can make a song where every musical line is just a violin used in creative ways, then you’re a pro.  The song is frightening how it builds and builds to such a great effect.

36. Handsome Furs – Officer of Hearts

It feels like at any moment his voice could break – it’s frantic.  There’s something so beautiful with his fragile voice mixed with the relatively simple instrument arrangement.

37. The Knife – You Make Me Like Charity

The Knife is weird.  I can understand if people don’t like them.  But, who can resist the lines “you make me like charity/instead of paying enough taxes?”

38. Physics of Meaning – Manhattan is An Island

Okay, so I couldn’t find the actual song anywhere, but here’s a song about Oregon!

You can also download their Daytrotter session for free here.

39. Sufjan Stevens – For The Widows in Paradise, For The Fatherless in Ypsilanti

Whether it’s just him and the banjo or him with some other instruments behind him, Sufjan delivers a song layered in self-sacrifice and desperate love.

40. Alaska in Winter – Close Your Eyes – We Are Blind

I like Beirut, but sometimes Zach Condon’s voice can become a little overbearing.  Luckily, in his guest spot on this song, things are handled very well with a nice mix of voices and a great background.

41. Iron and Wine – Cinder and Smoke

Every Iron and Wine song is so multi-layered with imagery, but I believe this one is the best that captures the genius behind the music.  Everything falls apart and he wishes his somber goodbye.

42. Swan Lake – Are You Swimming In Her Pools?

Spencer Krug shows up again in this super-group band.  “Will you be coming back here?”  It seems as if the questions are always the strongest.

43. Devendra Banhart – Fall

This song has a great feel to it.  It’s multi-faceted with many layers of sound working together to create an exciting yet chilling song.

44. Yuuki Matthews – HK Cinematic Funk

The best I could come up with was a 30 second preview of the song here.  The song is fun but mesmerizing.

45. Julie Doiron – No More

The song is so stunning with its mantra of “No more singing in ____.” It really is captivating.  You wish there was more by the end of it.

46. Port O’Brien – Will You Be There?

“That way when I die/I won’t die alone.”  I think everyone is scared of dying alone, and this song captures that last grasp at love.

47. A Weather – Spiders, Snakes

Another song that is slow yet striking.  It reels you in, makes you gasp, and you don’t let go.

48. José González – Remain

I listened to an interview with José on KEXP one time, and he talked about how it will take him years to perfect a song.  He continues to mold and shape them even after he records them.  This amount of skill and careful attention to detail really pays off.

49. The Album Leaf – Thule

You know that moment when it’s your birthday as a kid and you’re so happy to be around your friends and family, and then someone reveals the cake to you?  That point where you gasp and enjoy the wonder of it all.  Every Album Leaf song is like this.

50. Portland Cello Project – Remedy

I couldn’t come up with the video, but you can download their song at the daytrotter session here.

This is the type of song that would be perfect for a soundtrack to a movie.  Leading into the end credits maybe?

51. Kaki King – Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers

Kaki King is probably one of the best guitarists in the world because she is so inventive and risk taking.  This song pays off from all of her hard work into something that could easily be put on repeat.

52. Gregory and the Hawk – Boats and Birds

A testament to the power of this song could be from the at least 25 covers of it on YouTube.  It’s surreal.

53. PJ Harvey – Man-Size Sextet

This song is so good it deserves two videos each showing two different versions.  The first one with the chaotic strings is my favorite PJ Harvey song of all time.  It just gives me those spinal chills.  I remember listening to it on a train, and everything seemed eerie yet great about the world afterward.

54. Sigur Rós – Hoppipolla

This is that song that everyone secretly knows and loves.  How many times have we heard it as inspirational music set to watching animals be animals or human triumph?  There’s something so raw yet natural about the song.

55. The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize??

When I saw them and they played this live, I cried.  End of story.

A Tale of Two Movies

16 Aug

The-Time-Travelers-Wife-eric-ban-1.jpg image by thisbookforfree

I saw two movies this weekend… on the same day.  I fulfilled my melodramatic love with “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and then exploded into “The Hurt Locker.”

Both films satisfied, but which one came out on top?

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