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Comic Book Cache – The Master List

31 Jan

Now, it’s no novel idea, and recently Kelly Thompson has utilized it for women, but I really want to see some of my friends and family read comic books and understand my strange addiction to them.

So, here’s the deal.  I will provide a master list of comics to choose from.  My friends who read this (who are in Tacoma) can then borrow the book (yes, this is me actually sacrificing my precious books – It’s a requirement to give it back to me, otherwise I charge you for it) and send me a review of it through e-mail or over a message in facebook.  People who are not in Tacoma can purchase the book or find it in a library (I’m open to suggestions to things that I may have read but don’t have a copy of) in order to participate.  Only one person can choose one book, and I’m more than open to suggesting books for people.  Sure, I know this is a stretch for time management, but I feel like it will be a wonderful process to get comics into the hands of people who wouldn’t normally view them.

The comics range from memoir to superhero to indie and everything in between allowing for something anyone can enjoy.  I highly suggest looking these books up on Amazon to see if you’re interested in them or not.

After reading the comic, it would be great to know your age, what you do, and your reactions to the book in a short, maybe around 200-500 word review.  That’s all I really ask.

The write-up can include:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Do you have any prior experience reading comics?
  • Why did you pick this book?
  • What did you like/didn’t like?
  • What stood out (writing, art, themes)?
  • How difficult was it to read a comic?
  • Did you respond more to the words or the artwork?
  • Do you feel like you would read some more comics after this experience?

We can include your picture, too.

I’m going to be posting these in sets of threes or fours depending on how many responses there are.  So, keep your eyes out for those.  I’m going to try to get these all within one to two months.  So, keep that time frame in mind while reading.

So, after that, here is the master list:

The Alcoholic

Fun Home

Something To Pet The Cat About

I Am Going To Be Small

Bizarro Comics


The Lagoon

Tales of Woodsman Pete with Full Particulars

Nine Ways to Disappear

Parker: The Hunter

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Challenges

TMNT: First Graphic Novel

Planetary: Volume 1

Phonogram: Rue Britania

Phonogram: The Singles Club

The Birthday Riots

Toxic Avenger and Other Tromatic Tales

True Swamp: The Memoirs of Lenny the Frog

Asterios Polyp


Suburban Glamour

Identity Crisis

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Promethea: Book One

Capote in Kansas

Blue Pills: A Positive Love Story

Whiteout Volumes 1 or 2 (They are fairly self-contained)

Queen & Country Volumes 1-4 (stories self-contained)

Usagi Yojimbo: Yokai

Persepolis I

It's a Bird...

Maus I

Long Hot Summer

Trinity: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman

The Brave and the Bold: Demons and Dragons

Kingdom Come

Air: Letters from Lost Countries

American Born Chinese

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Soul's Winter

Well, that’s it for what I own.  If you have a suggestion or something else that you may be interested in that you just haven’t given the time to, let me know!