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Photo Challenge – School Binder

28 Jun

I feel like this prompt on school binders (sorry… sorry… ‘prompt’ is such a cool word) is meant for teenagers.  HEY GUYS, let’s make a prompt for high schoolers!  Loser high schoolers who spend more time on the internet than with their friends!  …Wait, I’m just like that and I’m in college…

Anyway, I imagine that the prompt is expecting binder covers with sparkles and dinosaur puff stickers.  Well, my binder is one of necessity because this is the only binder I have available to me.  My photography binders from high school would probably be the ones up here…

Instead, this is my binder for my Advanced Media Studies course from the fall.  I’m keeping it handy because my final project for the course was on Kevin Keller and how Archie represents the gay identity through their idealized community.  I’ve been waiting on the third issue of his solo series for a little while now (finally ordered it through eBay… $3 comic… plus $4 shipping T_T), so now I can begin finishing up my article in order to submit it to some journals.  Just as a FYI, in that backwards image that I forgot to flip, there is an “A” standing proud and clear.

I also presented this article at the NWCA conference which was pretty fun.

So, there you go… there’s my loser green binder with white paper that has ink on it with additional organizational tabs.



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