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This blog is dead…

12 Aug

Hello everyone,
I think we can effectively call MechanisticMoth on WordPress dead.  I have not posted in 2 years, nor have my co-writers.  It’s sad to see something go after putting nearly 4 years of work into it, but longform blogging just isn’t for me anymore.  I’ve moved on to things like tumblr and getting (even) more active on Twitter.  So, we’ll just retire this blog.

What this means: I will probably not check this for a long time.  I will probably never accept any new comments (although, looking at the new ones from the J. Scott Campbell post just reminds me how foolishly wrong people are about feminism and media critique).  In x amount of time, I may delete large portions of this site or close its doors permanently. 

So, thanks for the laughs and silliness (on my and/or your part),



27 Feb

Our little ink lines hesitated as if they were sticks in the sand

Drawing out names as if they would never wash away

Flowing through the pen into a rigid tip

You looked up and said that you wished we could stay together forever

I peered back down and said “we can’t.”

In reply you whispered through chortled croaks “But you told me my calligraphy was beautiful!”

23 Oct

GUYS, I’ve been singing this to myself for years!

Memorable Moments from Masterworks Studio of Decatur, Georgia


Last year, after hearing about a really neat Halloween song set to the classical work, Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens, I did some research (letting my fingers do the walking) and found an online audio clip with scratches, et al, from a recording made in 1969.  I never anticipated the number of hits I’d receive *this* year from that same post. 

Recently, in the comments section for that post, I’ve had numerous requests for the lyrics to the hands-down Halloween favorite, ‘”H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N” spells Halloween’, so, by popular request,  included with the audio clip, here they are!

“H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N” spells Halloween,

“H – A – double L – O – W – double E – N” spells Halloween!

Halloween means ghosts & goblins,

Skeletons, monsters, &…

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Newcastle Brown Ale is infused with Sexism

18 Aug

This commercial from March that I only discovered today during ads between The Colbert Report relies upon blatant sexism in order to sell beer.

The commercial focuses on hands – the workforce.  It builds the brewer of the beer as a master at their profession.  They are the one that crafts the beer and makes it such a high quality.  Okay, that’s fine, bringing the beer to the masses and showing that they are not too elite but still have a quality product.

Then the end comes.  The quick shot of the brewer sitting on a chair in which the camera quickly pans downward in order to mask the face of the worker.  The question the narrator asks rhetorically about why they’re not showing her face is quickly answered with “because she’s not an attractive woman.”  The ad recognizes that attractive women sell beer but then reinforces this same ideal/strategy.

That line ends the commercial in what I can assume is meant to be humor.  The trick that she’s not a man but does a man’s work is pulled on the viewer.  This reinforces beer commercials’ need to show attractive women, otherwise they should be faceless.  Attractive women do not sell beer, and god forbid they’re going to put an “unattractive woman” onto their commercial.  Let’s not address the larger demographic of men and women who drink beer and appeal to men who objectify women, the commercial implies.

Because that’s really what we need: creating a further boys club built upon the hardships and misogyny against women.

Secret Pleasures #23: Watermelon

18 Jun

This is not a secret.  This is a straight up public pleasure. 

 Watermelon: For bible lovers it’s God’s gift to man. To scientists, it’s the result of hundreds of thousands of years of natural selection and genetic mutation.  To both it is perfection.

Some people love chocolate.  Some people love cake.  I love watermelon.

Watermelon is not only delicious, it’s versitile.  Watermelon salsa (watermelon replaces the tomatoes) may very well be better than the original.  Watermelon salads are devine.  Ummm, ever heard of vodermelon?  I personally am not a fan of vodka but if it’s with watermelon sure, bring it on. 


Watermelon is also a work of art.  Look at these creations and I’ll eat myself if you don’t think they’re awesome.


Click here OR here for more awesome pictures.  Or just google it. I’d show more amazing pictures but my lousy computer at work does not want to let me show them…boo. 

Anyways…other cool things about watermelon: you can grow them in a box or pryrimid.  Yes, the Japanese have done it again.  They’ve made watermelon more compactible!

Watermelon artificial flavoring is good, too!  It’s not as great as real watermelond but compared to the other imitation flavors it’s wonderful.  Popsicles, Slurpees, Jolly Ranchers: All great!

Grilled Watermelon!  Dried watermelon covered in chile powder! Sorbet! Gelato!

Did I mention that watermelon can prevent cancer?  Well, it can!  Wahoo!  I’ll probably never get cancer considering how much I eat…right?

To all you watermelon haters out there, you’re stupid.  Watermelon is simply the best! End of discussion.

Oh, and cats love watermelon, too.

So cute!!!

Click here for an entire blog about Cats and Watermelon: my two favorite things!

ECCC 2012 part 2!

5 Apr

Yesterday I covered the first part of our ECCC12 experience.  I had to cut it short because the post was getting EXTREMELY long.  Like, I wrote that many words in a 6 or 7 page essay once.  Sure, this was for entertainment, but do you really want to read that much?  PROBABLY NOT IN ONE SITTING.  Here’s part two.  Continue forth for more art, creators, and awesome photos of me with comic-famous people!

Oh, and the best part of that guy’s balloon hat above was that he was pushing a stroller.

I present to you even more Emerald City Comic Con 2012 (click to see more).

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Freaking Out

1 Apr

Currently, my wordpress is freaking out.  So, everything is on hold until some forum things help me out.