This blog is dead…

12 Aug

Hello everyone,
I think we can effectively call MechanisticMoth on WordPress dead.  I have not posted in 2 years, nor have my co-writers.  It’s sad to see something go after putting nearly 4 years of work into it, but longform blogging just isn’t for me anymore.  I’ve moved on to things like tumblr and getting (even) more active on Twitter.  So, we’ll just retire this blog.

What this means: I will probably not check this for a long time.  I will probably never accept any new comments (although, looking at the new ones from the J. Scott Campbell post just reminds me how foolishly wrong people are about feminism and media critique).  In x amount of time, I may delete large portions of this site or close its doors permanently. 

So, thanks for the laughs and silliness (on my and/or your part),


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