Secret Pleasures #26: The Sims

19 Aug

It’s really had to believe it has taken me so long to write about this.  Especially considering that this summer the Sims has periodically taken over my life: it is a brilliant game.  In general I’m not a computer game person.  I prefer a good card or board game.  Then again, Sims isn’t just a game, it’s a life.

Sims is like playing God.  You have complete control over everything.  You can create look-a-likes of yourself and live out fantasies you’d never be able to in real like.  You can become a doctor, astronaut, or a thief in a mater of hours.  You get to practice interior design skills and build a dream house.  You also have endless options of clothes to wear.  I’m serious: endless.  In Sims 3 you can pictures from hundreds of styles of clothes and then you can pick out hundreds of patterns, then you can change it to thousands of colors.  It’s absolutely incredible – and wickedly fun.

My newest entertainment comes from a few eugenics experiments.  My Sim had a son with a South Korean who had a daughter with Sailor Pluto (a Plutonian?) who is about to have a children with the black, adopted son of my gay best friend and his partner.  I’m so excited about how it will turn out.  What does a quarter a half black, quarter Plutonion, eighth Korean, and eighth me look like?  The best part is that if I don’t like how they look, I put in a simple cheat and can edit my great grandchild.

After I have my great granchild I’m going to have another kid with my husband (or maybe a new love interest) and started a different long experiment.  This is super easy to do because I’m technically still a ‘young adult’.  My Sim has been around so long that I’ve maxed out all the skills and am working on the special challenges now.

In sum, my secret please is literally participating in a world where I have complete control and can do practically anything I want.



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