Tumalo Falls Hike

25 Jul

On Sunday, my Mom and I went on quite the adventure!  We traveled on to Tumalo Falls.  Unlike most people who go there, we actually continued on the trail for quite awhile.  Many people just get out of their cars and look at the large waterfall.  Instead, we saw it and kept on going.  We hiked 4 miles up and 4 miles down.  We saw over a dozen waterfalls to the point where we were like, “ohhh goodness!  Another one!”

So, here’s some photos:

There’s actually a multi-cache geocache behind the falls that we had to get the coordinates for the next one from.  So, here we are getting water sprayed on us trying to find a geocache.  Luckily, Mom found it fairly quickly.  The coordinates were all smudged but someone had rewritten them.  After some fiddling around and texting to my Dad (with little to no reception), we managed to figure out how to input the coordinates and get the real cache (which I found).

To get to the falls, there was actually a semi-secret narrow pathway to meticulously make your way through.  While getting the geocache, we gazed upwards and saw people at the lookout staring down at us wondering how we managed to get there.  It doesn’t look like I’m that close to the waterfall, but I can attest that that was close enough!

Here’s one of the many other falls we saw.

On our Coffin Mountain hike, we were reminded once again of my fear of heights.  Yet, for some reason, waterfalls don’t really bother me much.  Maybe it’s because rocky cliffs are so empty.  Waterfalls at least have water going over them… there’s something there.  I should still be afraid, if not more, of waterfalls but oh well.  This is image is not a waterfall… it was just about 50 feet in front of one and 150 feet behind one… no biggie.

The initial 4 miles were all uphill… which was terrible at times.  But, it also made us more aware of what was ahead… so we saw this tree.  I was like, “holy shit, Mom!  It’s the Eye of Sauron!”  So, as if to drive the point home, I drew the eye in the middle of the tree’s upwards crags.

And finally, here’s my Mom kissing my face as we’re in front of one of our favorite waterfalls which you, unfortunately, can’t see very well.  We had an exceptionally fun day.


After we finally reached flat ground in a little green meadow with dwindling patches of snow, we met an older guy (dad?) and two kids (girlfriend/boyfriend? brother/sister?).  They were looking for Mom aka the Woman in the Straw Hat.  My mom asked if she was wearing brown (because my mother has an uncanny ability at remembering people’s clothes), and they said they didn’t know.

So, we hiked back down the slope and, at the very end, saw a woman in brown clothes and a straw hat!  My mother eventually went up to her and asked if she was with the party with the guy and two kids (kids being 17-ish).  She said yes, and my mother told her that her family was desperately searching for her.  She replied that she couldn’t tolerate her husband always taking photos so she went ahead and somehow passed them on the way back (or went an alternate route).  When my Mom and this other woman told her she should head back because her family was splitting up to find her.  She just said she was happy relaxing where she was (which, by the way, you should stay still when you’re lost, but she was clearly not lost).  My mother grew increasingly frustrated and ended with something along the lines of, “well, your family’s going to be pissed when they find you here.”  My Mom came back and we headed out.


Other than that, fun times.


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