Secret Pleasures #25: First Toilet Use

25 Jul

Clean toilets…of course everyone likes that!  If you didn’t I would immediately cross you off my list of friends.  However, there are very few things better in life (at least of the mundane things) than to walk into a restroom and see the toilet lid up – not because of some icky boy (no offense) – because the toilet has just been scrubbed.  Seriously, I can’t even put into words how happy it makes me feel.

Even if you cover the toilet seat with liners or toilet paper it never seems clean.  But, when using a toilet for the first time since its cleaning going to the bathroom becomes so easy.  No stressing about contracting a bacterial STD or any other unfortunate disease; you can pee in relative safety.

The feeling of a dirty toilet…

The feeling of a clean toilet.

Getting to a toilet first is a very hard thing.  I suppose if you clean your own bathroom daily you can experience that feeling over and over again, but most of us aren’t that dedicated.  To get to a public restroom first requires waking up super early in the morning…yeah, most people aren’t dedicated enough to do that either.

This summer I am working on my university campus.  While there are a bunch of camps here, the kids don’t know where all the secret restrooms are.  Thus, I’m finding clean toilets all the time.  It’s absolute bliss!  I don’t know how I’ll be able to transition back into normal, dirty toilet, life.

My Secret Pleasure: BEING CLEAN!

Do you have other bathroom and cleanliness related issues?  Check out these other posts about hair clogs, toothpaste in the sink, ice in urinals, unflushed toilets, shower hair, perfecting the shower temperature, and warm shower/cold bathroom issues.  Wow, I guess we write about bathroom related stuff a lot on this site.


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