Coffin Mountain Hike

14 Jul

Yesterday was an interesting day for a hike.  We set out for Coffin Mountain, and, following the directions from our book, we arrived… eventually.

See, the thing the book failed to mention was that there were actually two FS1168 roads.  They eventually wound back around to each other, but we went to the first one we saw because that’s what the book said… that’s the road!  So, we traversed along the trail for quite a long while until we got a flat tire.  So, the boys (my Mom was walking around) changed the tire on a hill.  It went surprisingly easier than we expected.  Eventually we gave up and just went on a road.  ONLY TO DISCOVER THERE WAS THE OTHER FS1168.

Finally, we reached Coffin Mountain after driving alongside a cliff on gravel road with no guardrail.  So, I was pretty tense.  We got out of the car about 2 hours after we expected to begin our hike.  We head out on the trail that was basically uphill THE ENTIRE WAY.  My Mom fell back behind us spry boys.  Mind you, she had a conversation with me the night before predicting who would be the one who could actually keep up with her (THANKS FOR READING THIS MOM).  Her prediction actually came true on the downhill, though.

After reaching the very top of the mountain, we proceeded to head over to the cliff.  Now, my sense of fear and danger acted up and I refused to get anywhere close to the edge.  The nearest I came was probably 10 feet away.  Aaron and Troy egged me on, but it was not happening.  Of course, they went right to the edge and looked down.  Troy was the daredevil standing on one leg and doing stupid stuff. I was like, “goddamit, I do not want to see one of my best friends plummet to their death.”  Of course, I would only see the beginning of the fall since I was so far away.

The view was gorgeous, and it was crazy thinking that you were 5,700 feet above sea level.  That’s a whole mile+ folks.  Aside from the mountains, we were one of the highest things up around.

Surprisingly, we didn’t see many birds, only some wildflowers and a tiny garter snake all of the way up in a patch of snow (ballsy).  Mom and I decided to head back down the trail, but the boys (Troy) insisted that they would go to the other ledge.  As told later, apparently Aaron kept on telling Troy not to go out on a certain ledge and then finally gave up and said, “be careful.”

We made it down the path fairly quickly even though it was making my destroyed knees all wobbly.

We came back (on a smaller tire and a car that was smoking at one point), ate, played a game of Catan (I demolished them), watched “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World,” and they headed out.  Frustratingly, I somehow in the time between the hike and Scott Pilgrim got pretty sick.  Now I’m just resting and drinking tea (it’s about 80º outside).  So, awesome.

Positive, I came home to this lady:


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