Photo Challenge – My Water

11 Jul

This prompt seems rather obscure to me… Water?  What water?  Should I take a picture of my tap water?  My dogs’ water bowl?  The sweat that secretes from my skin?  I’m not quite too sure.

So, here’s how I started:

Look there’s me with my water bottle (Hydro Flask)!  We’re quite red!  Also, I’m not wearing any pants, but my boxers are red too… strange since, in my previous post, I lamented the color red.

Here’s a picture of me pouring the water out of my nifty water bottle into a pint glass.  Look!  There’s actual water!  Did I mention that I’m not wearing any pants!?)

And here’s a picture of our tiny little pond!  We live in the (high) desert, so this is totally artificial.  And guess what I’m not wearing!  That’s right, pants!

Here’s a shot of a tadpole in the pond.  Did you spot the one in the previous picture?  They’re pretty nifty considering that my favorite animal is (Absol) a frog!  These tadpoles are taking forever to undergo metamorphosis.

There’s two types of water there for you: tap and pond.  I hope you enjoyed this rather vague prompt!


The PHOTO CHALLENGE is basically me just taking pictures of things.  Awesome things!  Awesome awesome things!  To view the master list click the link three punctuation marks ago!


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