Photo Challenge – Something I See in the Morning

10 Jul

Oh!  You guys!  You’re going to love this one!

I realized what was expected of someone doing this challenge: just take a photo of something you see every morning.  Well, I had to go to the bare bones of this prompt.  I wanted to take a picture of something as I was waking up.

In order to pull this off (and hence the reason I kept on messing up this prompt), I kept my DSLR camera next to my head as I slept.  As soon as I woke up I grabbed my camera (which was crazy hard to remember) and snapped off some photos.  I’d like to think that these photos represent our true understanding of the world upon awakening.  Such as the “what the fuck am I looking at I’m so groggy” parts of the world…

This is the first picture of the series.  This occurred at about 7:15 because I remember hearing my Mom finish her workout on the Wii/possibly scramble around in heels… I really wasn’t sure what was going on at this point.  Though, you can see my foot!

Also, let me clarify, with a DSLR camera, you have to actually (unless you’re a wimp) hold the eyepiece up to take a shot.  In these instances, I just picked the thing up and shot from my lap and/or chest… once again, I really don’t remember.

Somehow, I managed to shoot off two photos.  I think that my hand probably lollygagged around and shot this.  Hilariously, this shot is of the door possibly a “ohhhh gawdddd… Sabre shut the hell up, I’m going to feed you!” or a “it’s so farrrr away!”

Strangely enough, this photograph took place after I returned from feeding the cat and going to the bathroom, and yet this is the least distinguishable of the set so far.  I believe that’s my foot and the lights running down the wall are from the sunlight pouring into the room, but strangely, I just wanted to take a photo of the closet door.  BECAUSE IT IS THAT AWESOME.

One would believe that after the third photo my morning would be finished.  However, I wake up twice in the morning!  The first time is to feed the cat (blegh!) which leads to me going to the bathroom (yeah!), and the time this occurs varies upon Sabretooth’s temper/laziness/hunger/desire for attention.  Then, I proceed back to sleep and wake up again this time to my alarm.  So, this photo takes place during the second wake up.  To be fair, I looked at my alarm and thought “shit, did I get any good photos earlier?”  So, I shot this one off BECAUSE IT IS ADORABLE AND MY CAT IS SLEEPING NEXT TO ME.  It’s also blurry as shit which could be interpreted as my eyes opening.

And this last one is of my legs under the covers about to be pulled out.  HOW GRAND!


Hope you enjoyed my experimental wake-up-and-shoot-photos-as-your-eyes-are-glazed-over excitement!  For more entertaining things involving pictures, check out my archive of the PHOTO CHALLENGE!


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