Photo Challenge – Love

6 Jul

Hey!  My shirt’s off!

My favorite thing of the last couple of weeks has been getting out and throwing a disc around with my friends.  Just tossing back and forth and trying new throws.

This here above is my disc aptly titled “The Bruised Octagon” not necessarily because of the bruises it receives, but the bruises that it leaves behind.

In fact, today, I threw a Thumber at Troy and it slowly floated down with a beautiful arc into Troy’s face… cutting up his lip.  To be fair, Troy did try to catch THE SOFTEST THROW EVER, but he failed.  His lip can attest to that.

One thing about the disc lately is that Troy and Aaron have coined the “Captain America” throw.  It is – by far – the dumbest throw ever.  It hurts the eyes until they bleed with sunblock in them.  Then your eyes throw up brooches that you pull a Jocasta on.  This may also be because I can’t throw it that well (I’ve got the basics)… but I’d like to think that it’s because the throw is truly awful.  It probably has a different name in real Ultimate circles.  Mind you, they also coined this throw less than a week before Independence Day… ergh.

Anyway, I’m always open to new people to throw with.  I don’t care too much if you’re terrible because I can always help you learn.


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