Photo Challenge – Backpack

2 Jul

This is a terrible image!  But, I did not really feel like whipping out my DSLR to take a picture of an empty backpack.

Since summer break began, the need for a backpack dissipated.  Sure, last week it was all packed to take my computer, DS, and other goodies to the coffee shop to play around on Pokémon with.  Those plans were changed in lieu of throwing a disc, but it was packed.

This backpack is clearly the best one ever in my possession.  It contains three main compartments with a few smaller ones with MANY zipper scattered throughout.  The first compartment is broken apart in two main sections.  One of which is meant for your laptop, but I try not to travel around with mine too much.

 I basically use the first of the two part compartment as my IMPORTANT documents and the second of which is for semi-IMPORTANT documents.  I like to think that it’s a flawless system, but papers eventually make the backpack quite bulky and I begin to lose things within the backpack.  So, I have to remind myself to empty it out every once in awhile.

Overall, it’s sturdy –  4 years and running.  The only thing that has ever broken are two of the extensions of the zippers because they broke off, but it didn’t hurt the zippers at all.

Anyway, reliable, sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, and awesome.  That’s my backpack.


For more of the Photo Challenge with hopefully clearer photos than this one, check out the MASTER LIST.

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