Photo Challenge – Favorite Shoe

29 Jun

Let’s clarify some things first about this photo:

  • This photo is my senior photo for the year book in high school
  • This is from a time in which I thought white socks were okay
  • My eyebrows were only moderately plucked to how I do them now
  • Those black jeans are actually kind of short
  • I have always liked tight fitting shirts despite them never being long enough for my torso
  • I’m wearing my Andrew Bird shirt that was eventually lost in Mexico
  • I have really awesome shows on

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about those shoes!

I’ve never really cared for the color red.  My shirt color proportion is probably 60% Blue, 20% Green, 10% Miscellaneous, and 10% Red.  When I was in grade school I refused to wear anything red.  Since then, I have slowly recognized red as an actual color… it’s been a hard process, but I’m almost there.

Now, those shoes threw everything I believed about red off.  They were black, red, white, and badass.  Sometimes I still dream about this pair of shoes.  They were just so unique.  The best part?  THEY WERE ONLY $10.  Seriously!  That little bit of money for a killer seet of Pro-Keds.  There are only a couple of things I regret in my life, and one of them is seeing another pair of these shoes at the same store and not buying them.  I thought that the pair I had then were going to “last forever,” but, alas, they didn’t.

Still, we went through a lot, and I’m happy they were there for me nice and snug.


More talk about my love for things!?  Check out the MASTER LIST for the photo challenge!


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