Photo Challenge – Childhood

25 Jun

Bob The Water Dragon
Writen by Elliott Sawyer

This reptile likes me.
Where he comes from…
They are called minature dragons.
He sprint across the
Lawn very
He likes little pinky mice that…
In his cage he does…
He likes to dive..
Into the pond,
He stays down there…
Very long,
When he comes up…
I’m glad.
I tell him goodnight, and…
Wait for the oncoming day.


I think I made this poem and drawing when I was in second grade or something.  It would make lots of sense.  Bob was my pet lizard that I had for a very long time until I moved to Central Oregon.  He was my best friend (of the lizard variety).  We would take him outside, and then I would get distracted and freak out when I couldn’t find him.  According to many people at the pet stores and other lizard owners he was remarkably big and in really good shape for a Chinese Water Dragon.  We would take him to show & tell all of the time.  Here are some things of note about the poem:

  • I loved and still love ellipses…
  • I clearly knew which way body limbs should go on lizards.
  • Come on guys, I was pretty awesome at drawing a lizard that well at that age.
  • My favorite lines in the entire poem are “When he comes up…/I’m glad.”


I’d like to give my younger self a hug and tell him to live my life just as I have… because, despite the swings of manic bipolariness, it’s been pretty good.  Plus, I’ve learned a lot.  Like, never to leave the oven on…


And yes, I know, I didn’t actually use a picture of myself from my childhood.  I did take a picture of this lovely piece of artwork, so that’s how I bent the rules.  It was just the first thing I thought of.

For the rest of the PHOTO CHALLENGE, check out the link!


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