Photo Challenge – My Sky

5 Jun

I would like to point out that the ‘My Sky’ is also your sky.  I just happen to be in a completely different geography than you (or most of you).  Anyway, it’s good that the sky cleared up today because, yesterday, the sky was completely filled with clouds and icky.  My mom was driving me back from Downtown Bend to our house and it was raining so hard that people on the highway were in the ruts causing water spouts to go 15 feet up into the air and 15 feet on either side.  Crazy.

So, today the sky cleared up and unleashed the sun… while, at the same time, the window has gone crazy.  So, walking outside is still a rather cold affair.  So cold, in fact, that we have required the need of a fire to keep our house warm for the night.  Apparently, it’s supposed to get below freezing.  Let me remind you that this is the 5 OF JUNE and Central Oregon HARDLY EVER GETS RAIN.

Finally, I really wanted to get a picture today of Venus going in front of the Sun since it’s the last time until 2117.  Unfortunately, since I don’t have a crazy awesome camera, I have to watch the coverage on the interweb.  I’m okay with that… since, you know, I can’t do it directly with just sunglasses.  Time to make a pinhole camera…


Let’s get into that PHOTO CHALLENGE.  It will be great!


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