Photo Challenge – Quote

4 Jun

This photo challenge prompt puzzled me for a bit.  How am I supposed to take a picture of my favorite quote?  I mean, it’s already written down somewhere, so why not just copy and paste it?  Adding to that, why do I not even have a favorite quote!?

Well, I figured I’d pick up a book of poetry by William Carlos Williams and take a picture of my favorite poem ever:


You slapped my face
oh but so gently
I smiled
at the caress

IS THE BEST POEM EVER.  It shows off how badass/desperate the speaker is.  In one way, they’re cocky and just shrug off the slap as a sign of affection.  In another way, the speaker craves being touched by the person in any way they can.  It’s great!

Plus, it was the only thing I thought of in terms of quotes.  I think it’s great.


PHOTO CHALLENGE!?  Ye may enter.


One Response to “Photo Challenge – Quote”


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