Photo Challenge – Smile

31 May

When looking for things that make me smile, I wanted to search all over.  Maybe I could go out and find something that makes me smile and snap a photo of it.  Well, I’m on a limited time budget… okay, not really… but I don’t have a car (at least directly).  Anyway, I figured I’d scour google images for what I needed.

I’ve always enjoyed little kids having fun with nature as long as they’re not being ruthless… like when they tear the legs off grasshoppers and feed the whole bug to their Chinese Water Dragon (this is exactly what I did as a child).  So, I came up with this simple image:

There’s an immense joy at seeing animals bend towards your will.  Particularly when it’s an animal that can be annoying as fuck.  So, chasing pigeons can be a great release.  This image reminds me of all those times I chased birds.  It was awesome.  You should go do it (again) some time.  It’s riveting.


We’re chugging along on the Photo Challenge.  Click the link for the whole master list!


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