Surprise Party!

29 May

My weekend began rather inconspicuously.  Lillian and I went to Point D on the busiest day I have ever seen it.  Luckily we were able to find a place a little off the beaten path and took pictures and what not.

Then, Taylor came over and it was splendid!  I really missed him, so it was great to see him.  It’s nice to know that, when I move to Utah, I will be a lot closer to him.  We talked Pokémon, watched anime and SNL, and went shopping.

Well, Taylor was in on a ploy to throw me a surprise going away party.  He had me go back to school where we had played Pokémon to search for his DS charger.  This gave everyone just enough time to set up for my party.

I came back and this was my reaction upon seeing my housemates and some other people:

Upon being surprised, everyone showered me with presents and goodwill.

That, in my hands, are my presents – a comic that Ashley made, a paper with messages from everyone, and a glass full of lime Jello.  I proceeded to eat all of this Jello through a straw throughout the evening.

Lillian taught us how to roll sushi.  We had avocado, bacon, tuna (with mayonnaise or raw), carrot, daikon radish, cucumber, cream cheese, and a few other things to make our sushi with.  The bacon was my idea, and it was definitely the hit of the homemade sushi world at the party.  I think I ate, in total, probably 25-30 rolls in the entire evening.

Overall, it was really fun to have many of the people who I have spent a great deal of time sleeping in relative proximity to come together and wish me farewell.

And special thanks to Ashley putting together the entire event and to my sister for teaching us all how to make sushi!


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