Photo Challenge – Love

25 May

This is an arbitrary love, and you probably thought I was going to write about how much I love my family, girlfriend, friends, or Sabretooth.  Well, fuck that, I love Pilot G-2 .07 (or .05) pens!

You can often hear me advertising how wonderful these pens are, but let me compile a list of the reasons why they’re great:

  • Their color is black if black was black
  • They hardly bleed
  • Simple but effective rubbery grip
  • You will never have to frantically scribble to get the ink to come out unless you haven’t used the pen for years or if it is on the last leg of ink
  • They are beautiful
  • They make me believe in a god
  • Their ability to doodle well is fantastic
  • Depending upon the amount of pressure, you can get different thicknesses in line width.  No matter what, though, the line will still be readable unless you have terrible handwriting… or eyesight
  • They’re like a phoenix rising from the ashes

Does that give you a good idea of how orgasmic these pens are?  I sure hope so.

I would totally make out with one if it was a human… or a pineapple…


Oh wow… I went there, didn’t I?  Well, for something a bit more conventional (at least so far), consider the PHOTO CHALLENGE master list for other amazing photos centered around me!


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