Photo Challenge – Breakfast

24 May

I’m breaking fast with my breakfast except I’m not fasting so I can’t be breaking anything (as if that joke was never done before)…

Lately, I’ve been on a bagel high.  I wake up in the morning, crack open one of my farm fresh eggs from my Dad’s chickens, slab some chive and onion cream cheese onto an “everything” bagel, and combine it all together for a breakfast sandwich.  Normally, I would just have a bagel with cream cheese, but now, since I’m on break, I can take my delicate time to cook up an egg.  It’s delicious and great and wonderful.

I need to go shopping tonight…


I’m just diving into the PHOTO CHALLENGE, but you can check out what has come before and what will happen by clicking on that beautiful link.


One Response to “Photo Challenge – Breakfast”


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