Secret Pleasures #22: Dolls

17 May

I pride myself on being a pretty tough person.  And nothing can discredit my toughness.  Not even my love for dolls.


My inspiration for this post comes from a lovely trip to the Disney store where my friends and I fell in love with the Disney Animator’s Collection Dolls.

They are just so damn cute!  As a lover of all things Disney (except the corruption within the business and the fact that they’re taking over the world) I couldn’t help but fall in love.  My friends and I just stared at the dolls analyzing their expressions.

We’ve been doing a lot of ranting lately about which princess fits our personality (I’m Tiana, of course).  We wanted to buy our doll!

Dolls are pretty awesome.  Fun to play with and yet so beautiful inside a box.  Few little girls can claim they’ve never owned a Barbie. But, not all dolls are created equal.  Um, anyone remember Bratz?  They were encouraging children to become prissy shop-o-holic sluts.  Their movies were awful, too.  (I did not watch these of my own accord – babysitting)

Nonetheless, dolls are important because they require imagination and creativity.  They’re perfect for children (girls and boys: C’mon action figures are dolls, too).  Thus, my secret pleasure is…imagination.


***Side note: ever hear about the X-men debate? Marvel’s toy company tried to convince the US government that X-men characters were toys not dolls (aka: they weren’t human) so that they didn’t have to pay as much import tax.  It’s pretty screwed up.


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