13 May

Let’s make this clear: I did not do this on stage today.  Although, I wanted to wear a pirate hat.

That’s right, I graduated from my Undergrad school today.  Look at me moving on in life! …to more school in August.  Yay Graduate School!

It was nice to be with some people for the last time.  I suppose you don’t really consider it your last time with them.  Everything is normal and you crack some jokes, but you may not have a social interaction with this person in years, if ever.  Thank god there are things like facebook where you can link to shit (MY BLOG) and post funny animal or back flip or orchestrated theater pictures/videos.  Or, you know, gifs of Fergie grabbing and playing with her boobs as will. i. am. points and smiles along.

Nevertheless, it’s reluctantly an achievement.  Particularly since I’m eating Thin Mints, drinking Fireball Whiskey and Coca-Cola, and listening to The Flaming Lips’ 24 hour song.  And I get to move over half of my shit tomorrow!  Yeah!


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