Song Challenge – Funeral Song

10 May

I would like to imagine that my funeral will be my last laugh upon the earth.  I have yet to create a playlist entitled “On behalf of my funeral…” but I will shortly in case my life is ever cut short (those last two fries did me in).  It will be full of sarcasm, joy, and recounting ol’ tales of my curmudgeonliness.

Only a handful of lyrics?  SOLD!  Using the word “poppet” in a non-British context?  SOLD!  Of Montreal?  SOLD!  Vague lyrics about life, the mind, and possibly drugs?  SOLD!  Need to project this video on a screen?  HELL YES!

Okay, I would totally be that asshole who has a song about everyone dying played at his funeral.  But seriously, it’s a rocking beat.  Despite the cryptic lyrics in the beginning, the song actually ends up celebrating life for all its worth – that’s what I want.

The sun will go murder the snow.  I really hope my funeral face will look as good as this song.

This song would be pretty bittersweet to play.  It is pretty happy (at least for Sparklehorse who actually killed himself), but it also shows the frailty of things.  Also, it suggests that my sunshine will have been taken away.  But, I’d like for them to imagine that it’s still there… if I could actually give off light, that is.


OH MY!  Do we have happier song challenge prompts coming up?  Check out the SONG CHALLENGE page for what has come before!


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