Song Challenge: Sad Song

7 May

Well, here’s a hard one.

The gist of this is to find songs that you listen to when you’re sad.  It would be really awesome if I listened to happy music defiantly while I was sad, but, like with most people, that is not the case.  So, I wallow in my sadness, let out a handful of tears, and do somersaults of sorrow.

This one’s sort of a given.  It just lets it all out.  Plus, it has a wonderful chord progression.

It makes me think of all those times after a break up when you wake up thinking someone’s sleeping next to you but they’re gone.  You wish so much for someone to be there.  But, it’s just you.  In most instances it was me and Sabretooth, but that’s not always the case.

Fun fact: I sang this with a girlfriend at an open mic.  I feel like it portended the future of our relationship (sidenote: my singing voice was awful).  I often find myself, when not beatboxing or singing “Swimming,” singing this song as I walk to school.  When that drum beat comes in the song goes to all sorts of new levels.

This is the song that is so perfect in all of its simplicity.  El Perro Del Mar really knows how to strip a song down to its bare bones and wrench your heart away.  Days after my high-school break up occured, I was listening to a live version of this song from KEXP.  I was in a computer lab at school working on a video.  I stopped everything and totally had a few tears coming down my face.  When she starts singing “goodbye” over and over, it hurts so much.  But… it’s hopeful…it’s painful, sure, but it shows that things will move on until the next “hello hello hello hello.”


A whole slew of songs await you at the SONG CHALLENGE mainframe.


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