Song Challenge – Happy Song

6 May

Hey!  I’m back!  It’s still finals period – BUT FUCK IT!

Let’s listen to some jams that make me happy!

FUN FACT: This is the show I saw Sufjan at for my 17th(?) birthday!  My parents were awesome and drove three hours so I could go and see him.  BEST PARENTS EVER.

Not only does this song have happy parts – it has a drum solo!  And cuteness and everything.  YEAH!

And here’s the downfall where you’re finally like – WHT TH’ FUCKKKK, ELliottt!?  And I’m like “yeah….”

I have to say this is one of my favorite music videos ever.  It has poop in it, sure.  BUT, it also has bright colors and the cutest kid EVER!  Plus, it’s one of my favorite songs ever.  Isaac Brock at his finest.

AND here’s another one where you’re going to be like “FUCK ELLIOTT!”  Because it’s just a bunch of people hopping around, grunting, and yelling.  Why is that so cool?  BECAUSE THEY’RE FUCKING HOPPING AROUND, GRUNTING, AND YELLING!  What’s not cool about that.



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