Song Challenge – Song for Anger

22 Apr

Here’s the deal: when I’m angry I don’t really think about what music I’m going to play.  I just choose something that fits the mood and don’t remember what that is.  Some people have actual “Angry Music” playlists or what not.  I just listen to a band that will pump me up.

So, in terms of pumping me up, I chose McLusky.  They are one of those awesome punk bands that are incredibly ridiculous.  Well, they were.  Actually, I got really into them about 6 months before they broke up.  It was highly disappointing.  Anyway, if you want to rock out to good music, that’s them.

On the other side, we have Liars.

This is probably one of their most punk-y punk songs.  Liars are sort of an enigma.  As they’ve grown their sound has changed drastically.  They change genres almost every album.  This may sound bad, but every album is super amazing.  They switch it up but still have that distinctive Liars vibe.  It’s great.

And finally we have Death From Above 1979.  2 guys.  Lots of noise.  They’re badass.  End of story.


More awesome music awaits!  Check out the SONG CHALLENGE!


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