Song Challenge – Song on the Radio

19 Apr

This song by Gotye is on the radio A LOT.  It’s actually pretty interesting because it’s a fairly inventive song with a cool groove and nice, minimalist instruments.  By all rights, this should be an “indie” success within the realms of “indie” music.  Somehow, it has EXPLODED to a wider audience.


Well, my first guess is that it has TERRIBLE lyrics.  The sort of drivel that a Grandmother remembering her first love in the 50s could come up with in her diary.   These terrible lyrics happen to carry the song and speak to the masses’ soul.

The song builds and builds up until the payoff that is Kimbra.  Her beautiful voice puts Gotye’s to shame.  He kind of sounds like a whiny, screechy penguin on meth.  While, on the other hand, she sounds like a translucent jellyfish communicating with the sea creatures below through small electric pulses.  I will definitely get her debut album when it hits… sure it’s pop-y and a lot of people are going to get it, but she’s decent enough to warrant a deeper listen.

Gotye isn’t bad music.  By all rights, the song deserves to be on the radio.  It’s bringing actually good music to the masses through pop radio channels.  But, it isn’t great music.  Kimbra is the redeeming grace of the song, but there’s even better artists than Kimbra.  They’re a great gateway drug, though.


SONG CHALLENGE – more opinions about music, ahoy!


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