Song Challenge – Guilty Pleasure

11 Apr


Seriously, it is possibly one of the greatest movie soundtracks in all of existence.

Why? you ask.  Well, it happens to have theme songs for most of the primary characters.  There are really bad synths throughout.  “Test your might” is one of the repeated audio clips.  And, they include cheering on some of their tracks.

And, on top of everything else, someone yells “MORTAL KOMBAT!” because you need that reminder for the movie you are watching called Mortal Kombat.

What couldn’t you ask of the BEST soundtrack ever?


I love fake flowers and food...

Okay, I was going to keep the post at that, but I had to go back and talk about each of the tracks.

Johnny Cage (Prepare Yourself) – Cheering, check. Impassioned badass 80s croon, check.  Pumping bass beat, check.  Run DMC-like white boy rapping, check.

Kano (Use Your Might) – This is really creepy.  Then, you get to this woman belting it out and you’re like what. the. fuck. what?

Sub-Zero (Chinese Ninja Warrior) – Who can deny the great opening piano riff with someone singing “OOOOOOHHHHH Chinese Ninja Warrior with your heart so Cooooohhhohhhllld/Sub-Zeroooooooohhhh”?  Then it gets all pop-y and frantic and great.

Liu Kang (Born in China) – Twangy Chinese string instruments? HELL YES!  Then a good ol’ “FIREBALL” and errrrahhhpapppp errrraaaaappppapppp from the synth.  Then, they go into all of is move names like “Flying kick!”

Techno Syndrome (Mortal Kombat) – refer to above.

Scorpion (Lost Soul Bent on Revenge) – This is truly a sad track because Scorpion is a – well, you know – lost soul bent on revenge.  Then there’s a guy just singing the title of the song in a crazy impassioned badass 80s croon as seen before.  The best part, them taking someone yelling “Come here!” and “Get over here!” and putting them back to back for…everrrr.

Sonya (Go Go Go) – This song may be the one with any lasting appeal.  Why?  Because there is a badass female rapper singing as if SHE WAS Sonya Blade.  Then it goes into that Whitney Houston wannabe singer and all that original beauty is lost.

Rayden (Eternal Life) – After writing about all of these songs, I can say that there is nothing original about this song.  It’s mostly just the fake Run DMC whiteboy rappers trying to sound cool.  Then Houston gets involved and it goes downhill… again.

Goro (Outworld Prince) – This song takes a REALLY long time to get started.  Once it does, it just sounds really stupid.

Hypnotic House (Mortal Kombat) – This sounds like the inbred stepson of “Techno Syndrome”.

OKKKKAYYY, after listening to snippets of all of those songs, I can definitively say that this is not THE BEST movie soundtrack of all time.  Actually, it may be the worst.  It’s worth a listen, since it makes me laugh here and there.  Sorry about all of this… yeah.


Was that embarrassing?  HELL NO!  Check out the rest of the SONG CHALLENGE, by following the link.

Oh, and Ashley totally just didn’t recognize Mortal Kombat – the song or the movie. T_T


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