Song Challenge – Song from a Band I Hate

10 Apr

When prompted by this challenge to think of a song from a band I hate, it was really difficult.  Partially because I don’t keep a list of all of the bands I hate.  Basically someone will suggest a song and I’ll be like “I hate that band!”  But, I won’t remember it.  I live in the moment with bands I hate.

So, Rush suffers the consequence of being one band that I do remember hating.

There are multiple things wrong with this song:

  1. Geddy Lee’s voice is TERRIBLY annoying.
  2. The synth is ANNOYING.  Way too much flanger and weird revolting revolving.
  3. Modern day Tom Sawyer? UGH, how many times do we have to go through with that!?
  4. The lyrics make me want to throw up.
  5. And then some…

Fun story – My dad one time won the entire discography of Rush off of the local radio station.  Then he gave it to Aaron (best friend) because he never listened to it.  Thank goodness that it was out of the house… but then Aaron listened to them.  This is one thing that will always get between us.


More? More! More!? MORE!
Check out the rest of the song challenge over here —–> YEAH!


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