ECCC 2012 part 2!

5 Apr

Yesterday I covered the first part of our ECCC12 experience.  I had to cut it short because the post was getting EXTREMELY long.  Like, I wrote that many words in a 6 or 7 page essay once.  Sure, this was for entertainment, but do you really want to read that much?  PROBABLY NOT IN ONE SITTING.  Here’s part two.  Continue forth for more art, creators, and awesome photos of me with comic-famous people!

Oh, and the best part of that guy’s balloon hat above was that he was pushing a stroller.

I present to you even more Emerald City Comic Con 2012 (click to see more).

Meeting Matt Wagner was kind of weird.  First off, he was eating lunch.  So, he downed a pizza before signing my stuff.  I was like “uhhh… yeah.”  He was kind of abrasive but at the same time kind.  He whipped up that Trinity line drawing super fast and insisted on me holding it up to the camera.  He said he gave out free head sketches, but he didn’t have any paper.  So, I would have to get some paper or an art book.  Which I don’t have.  So, I didn’t come back.  He also said he had no idea what a ninja turtle looked like from memory so he’d need a reference (which I had).  Oh well.  I still got three things signed from him.

I went on yesterday about how Francis Manapul is basically the hipster at DC.  Well, his counterpart at Marvel is Matt Fraction (who strangely has David Tennant Doctor hair).  Matt signed away and was pretty cool.  I had to rush on over to get in line for Bryan Lee O’Malley, but I really should have talked to Matt about Casanova.  I have only read the first two trades and not any of the new series (on issue three or four, I believe), but I really wanted to quiz him about the representation of women in his comics.  They are basically super sexy sexpot assassins.  I’m okay with sexy, but it pushes the boundaries a bit.  I really wanted to know how he was going to address this issue.  Missed opportunity anyone?

And I missed chatting it up with Matt Fraction to meet this guy: Bryan Lee O’Malley.  I waited around an hour to meet him in line, and it was disappointing to say the least.  For starters, the line was really stupid.  I was stuck behind this 17 year old girl (I’m assuming) who did not stop talking.  For example she went, “So I called something ‘gay’ and my mom said I shouldn’t say that word like that, but I was like ‘but mom, it’s really gay!'”… I wanted to step on her fingers as she hung off of a building and watch her fall.  Anyway, meeting Bryan was a bit of a letdown.  He seemed super tired.  I tried making some casual conversation with him, but the most he basically said to me was “nice shirt.”  I asked him to personalize it to me, and he only did it on 2 out of the 6 volumes of Scott Pilgrim.  On three of the others he just signed his name, and on the last one he drew a Mario star.  Uh… yeah.  Not the best experience.  I was hoping this would be the highlight of my day, but it was definitely one of the big letdowns.  Sure, I understand that you want to get through the line super fast, but it would be nice to make conversation with the person and to not look so tired.  It seemed painful for him to sign things.  If it’s going to be like that, then don’t come (and most of all, don’t announce you’re coming to the Con the week before).

Here’s Shane, owner of the best comics store I’ve ever been to, Atomic Comics (in Tacoma, WA), about to pummel my head with Mjolnir.

Sidenote: the reason why this photo is so shitty is because Brendan is awful.  He thought it was done taking a picture so he started walking forward.  Anyway, Chris Burnham was pretty great.  He whipped out my Ninja Turtle pretty quick.  Then, he denied Lillian’s Abraham Lincoln demands.  She was like “Can I have Abraham Lincoln as an evil wall street tycoon?” or something of the sort.  He replied something along the lines of “Uhh… I can’t do that, but I can give him flaming eyes!”  What was pretty great too was him and Shelly Bond (basically the main Vertigo editor of always) had some great dialogue.  It mostly consisted of Shelly making fun of him the whole time and being like “You just don’t read enough Vertigo comics!”  I talked with her afterwards and told her about my feeble attempt at applying for the entry level editor job at DC.  She said that they get a lot of applicants and to not get discouraged.  The best thing to do was to keep on applying and get my degree under my belt.  She was super friendly and I’d love to chat with her some more.

Here’s Lillian’s Lincoln via Burnham.

Nate Powell was the one creator that I came with a lot of questions for.  I had read Swallow Me Whole, but I couldn’t find my copy in Bend.  So, I bought Any Empire and read it through.  I read it waaayyy too quickly.  This is a comic that you cannot read in one sitting.  It is so multilayered and multifaceted and deserves many read throughs.  I asked him “Hey, so when the tanks come into the city, does that really happen?”  He responded by explaining that his comics are basically literalist where everything he shows actually happens.  Which is actually a pretty interesting technique.  The meaning is in how everything ties together and the themes rather than metaphors running rampant.  He explained that he found out that in the early millennium the US Army used a poor neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas to do urban combat training without telling or warning anyone.  So, he picked up those events and appropriated them into his comic.  Then, we talked about how heartbreaking it is to see turtles get hurt (by baseball bats or cars).  We had a great conversation and he was one of the few non-mainstream artists I went to see.  I wish there were more (I was devastated that Scott Mills of Big Clay Pot cancelled.  I loved that comic) for me to meet and talk about.

If I was to ever dish out a full $100 for a commission, it would be from Francesco Francavilla.  I saw a Batman commission he did, and it was the most amazing piece of artwork I spotted the entire convention.  He was whipping out inks and brushes and the full hurrah.  I’m not sure if he’d know about a Ninja Turtle (he’s Italian, I believe), but I’d provide references.  He also had an accent and looked very confused when he peaked above the piece he was working on.  Beautiful art.  I cannot stress this enough.

By the way, I was walking near Ryan Ottley’s table and some other guy was getting Leonardo TMNT commissions.  I was like “Hey, wait! Can I see that!?”  The guy looked confused and showed me.  It was pretty good and I’ve been considering getting a commission from Ryan, but it’s pretty spendy.  It wasn’t the best thing I’ve seen, but still impressive.

And now we get to why Marcus To is one of the best people ever.  As mentioned in the previous post, Marcus was the first person I talked to to get a commission.  He told me to come back later.  He was giving free sketches, but I was in line for Bryan Lee O’Malley.  So, I sent Brendan to get me one.  Here’s what Marcus did:

Pretty awesome, right!?  Well, I decided that was not enough.  So, Lillian and I came with about 45 minutes left in the show.  I talked to him and was like “hey, just seeing if you had time to get to my sketch.”  He replied that he hadn’t, but he then decided he could then draw it for me right there and then.  So, he took about 15 minutes to pencil then ink this bust of Leonardo.  The whole time he was super cool and I talked to him about working with multiple different writers and how it’s great to get positive feedback.  Then, I had to correct him about some Turtles history (I let some of it slide), but he talked mostly throughout to us while whipping out a kickass piece.  Here it is:

Amazing!  Really, that’s all I can sum it up to being.  Talking with Marcus multiple times in the convention was definitely a highlight.  He’s not the most well-known artist, but he does amazing work.  His lines are super clean and beautiful.  Best $40 spent.

That ended the show, but here’s some photos of us after the show being goofy:

Bask in the glory of my fucked up arm. It's weird and sort of gross, but I embrace it. Embrace it in all of its broken-wingness.

Me doing a robot in the parking garage...yeah.

Lillian being kawaii.

Lillian and I being kawaii.

Brendan eating his clam chowder bread bowl.

Most of the boys being kawaii.

Overall, the Con was good – not great like last year.  I’m going to go with much less shit next time.  I tell myself every year that I’m going to talk more with the creators, but I never do.  But, one can hope.  Oh, and I’m totally going to be out of state for the next one… but I might fly in…


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8 Responses to “ECCC 2012 part 2!”

  1. ross April 6, 2012 at 12:34 AM #

    wish i could’ve been there!!! glad you had a great time. 😀

    i’m gonna stick up for Bryan here a little bit, though. i’m absolutely nowhere near as big as he is, my lines are never longer than like 4 people, but unless you’ve sat behind a table signing stuff and talking to fans, i think you gotta cut some of these people a little slack! some creators have boundless energy, but some people, like me, get really exhausted and worn out doing conventions, and especially if it’s the second half of a show, sometimes it’s extremely difficult to stay chipper and friendly for fans who come up to you.

    i can’t totally speak for Bryan, of course, but for me even when i get really tired and i’m uncertain if i’m coming off that way to people, it doesn’t mean i appreciate the fans any less or that i don’t actually want to have a conversation, i really am trying to squeeze every last ounce of energy i have to interact because i like doing it, but sometimes the energy just isn’t there and i’m ready to fold. i try really hard, though, because i’m truly grateful for anybody who comes up to see me, but anyway i can’t even imagine the sheer volume of people Bryan likely interacts with on a daily basis at one of these shows. i would be a zombie by the end of the day!! i’m impressed he even had the energy levels to do ANY kind of sketch for you, haha. so yeah i’m just saying don’t be too hard on the guy, sometimes it’s really difficult to bring it and to plumb the depths of one’s energy reserves to be bushy-tailed even when you’re trying your hardest.

    • MechanisticMoth April 6, 2012 at 12:50 PM #

      Yeah, I tried to cut a little slack. It’s just weird that in a 9 hour day you only take 2 hours to sign when some people do it all day.

      I understand, though, Bryan’s fans are ravenous.

      • ross April 6, 2012 at 9:47 PM #

        usually if you don’t have your own table the publisher only schedules you for a couple hours per day to sign, though, that’s how it works for me at Oni, too. but that’s still super exhausting, not just the signing but the whole rest of the show, i’m still out there doing stuff even when i’m not at the table, it’s like not we’re back at our hotels sleeping! 😉 i usually lose my voice by the end of conventions so it’s also tough and uncomfortable to keep talking, so there are a lot of reasons why somebody might come off as tired and grouchy.

  2. ross April 6, 2012 at 12:36 AM #

    oh oh, me again. sorry!! haha. i was curious what TMNT history you had correct Marcus on!

    • MechanisticMoth April 6, 2012 at 12:51 PM #

      Oh, it was mostly the sequential events of which series of comics and/or television shows came first. He had never read a Mirage comic before, so I went on a very long explanation of how awesome they all are. He said he read the Dreamwave comics which I don’t know many people who have. I own them, but I haven’t brought myself to read them.

      • ross April 6, 2012 at 9:49 PM #

        ha! the Dreamwave comics! i’ve read i think only one issue of those.

        i haven’t read all the old Mirage comics, i was never that interested in the ones Eastman and/or Laird weren’t involved in. after TMNT hit the mainstream and Kevin & Peter had to devote more time to running the media empire, there were too many one-off or goof-off issues of the comic that seemed kind of dull and really hit or miss for me, mostly miss, and didn’t really contribute to TMNT as a whole or say anything interesting about the characters. that’s just me, though.

      • MechanisticMoth April 8, 2012 at 5:20 PM #

        It’s nice to see your perspective on conventions. I guess I just don’t know the inner workings of conventions. As a fan it’s just disappointing. I think finding out schedules of creators before the convention would be much more helpful in order to plan accordingly. Though, I know most of it is decided within a couple of days of the convention happening.

        In relation to the Mirage comics: Don’t get me wrong, some of those were complete shit, but sometimes you get a beautiful one like #37. So, it’s occasionally hard to make it through some of them, but it’s worth it. Return to New York and City at War are some of the best comics ever to be created.


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