Song Challenge – Song of Somewhere

4 Apr

It’s funny.  I now live in the greater Seattle area (by greater, I mean I’m in the inbred cousin city of Tacoma), but my fondest associations with it are from when I visited it a couple of times before moving here.  I suppose the first couple of times you come to a place before moving there it’s magical.

The first time I went to Seattle was with my family for a Spring Break vacation.  I had never really been to that big of a city before beside growing up near Portland.  So, the heights of Seattle were pretty fantastic.  We did the normal tourist-y things.  My favorite was the EMP where they were having a Beatles exhibit at the time (“DON’T TAKE PHOTOS” “I’m gunna take photos if I want!”).  On the same trip, my Dad and I ended up walking a pretty far ways (like 20 or so blocks) in order to get to a McMenamins Brew Pub.  We happened to find a record store that we went back to later.  There I got two CDs (realizing I should have gotten a third because I have not been able to track it down since then – it was symphony covers of PJ Harvey songs).  These CDs were Stars’ “Set Yourself on Fire” and Earlimart’s “Treble and Tremble.”

Both albums are pretty good even though they each have some occasionally lame lyrics.  Still, it’s the feel of them that I haven’t been able to shake off.  The tattooed Seattle-ness of them for me.

“Heaven Adores You” is just one of those songs that rocks you.  It’s simple and catchy, but it packs a punch.  And really, heaven adoring you is a nice thought.


For the whole SONG CHALLENGE, take a gander at the link!


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