Song Challenge: A Certain Event

4 Apr

Basically any Modest Mouse song would apply to this.

My best friend Aaron used to have a piece of shit van.  Classic high school loser car.  It was great.  Many memories in that babe.

Well, we took that thing from the grand recesses of Bend, OR to Portland, OR.  Our goal: to see Modest Mouse at the Edgefield.  (On a later trip to Portland, we ended up seeing Islands, The BLOW, and Glass Candy).

I usually have this thing about not listening to bands before I see them, but Aaron and I were blasting Modest Mouse the whole time.  It was awesome.  The concert was a blast especially seeing guys create a pipe to smoke weed out of a 8 oz. plastic bottle.  They had all of these badass lights on stage and twin drummers.  Super fun.

Anyway, almost all Modest Mouse songs remind me of that one road trip that Aaron and I took.

Also, Modest Mouse is the best music to clean your room to.


For the continuance of the human race, check out the SONG CHALLENGE in full.


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