Song Challenge: Reminder

29 Mar

A Song that reminds you of someone:

I previously talked about the wonders of 8th grade.  What a defining moment in our lives!  HUZZAH!

This time at that time in our lives was a very vulnerable time.  Basically, music defined our life.  Specifically, everyone had to have a song that defined your relationship with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or something in between.  It was a priority for living.

Here’s the song that defined one of my 8th grade relationships:

I cannot stress to you about how big of a Nirvana fan I was at this time.  Kurt and co.’s songs pierced my heart and spoke to me.  I needed my teenage angst.  I rode to school on the bus with my headphones on listening to my fancy CD Player.

Anyway, I used this song with one of my girlfriends as our calling card.  To this day, I’m not exactly sure what it means.  I can guess it’s a twisted spin on love, anything past that is fair game.  This song was so defining that I actually crafted a heart-shape box and painted it and what not for my girlfriend’s birthday.  I was that cool (and crafty!).

Looking back, it was weird.  But that’s okay, I embraced it.


For the whole SONG CHALLENGE, follow the link!


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