500 Posts

29 Mar


I knew I would do it.  I knew I would fuck it up somehow.  Last night I told myself, “Elliott, don’t fuck dis shit up.”

Well, I did.

The last post was meant to be my celebratory post.  The one where I get to gloat about how awesome I am.  The one where I go: HAHAHAHAHA!  But, now it’s this one – the 501st post (unrelated to Star Wars).

Yes, that’s correct, the last post stole away the title of our 500th post.  Nevertheless, this leaves cause to celebrate:

Here’s some overview:

J. Scott Campbell Ruining Your Fairy Tales has been a hot topic appearing on the second page of google when you search his name.  It comes in at almost 21,000 views since I wrote it nearly 2.5 years ago.  And, it has the most comments on the blog (with the typical “you’re being a feminazi/such a woman” comments abound… even though I keep reminding the commentators that I’m a man).

Our primary blog Mechanistic Moth has now splintered into two blogs with 1000 Things We Hate becoming its own thing now.  I decided to split them off to make 1000 Things We Hate a bit more marketable.  Nevertheless, both sites have been hit with a reduction in views.  Nevertheless, if we keep writing, they keep coming.


Anyway, thanks again for supporting us through our 500 posts.  And I hope you keep on enjoying what we do.


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