Song Challenge: Sad Song

28 Mar

I have a whole list devoted to songs that give me the chills (only a small portion are covered in that post, but it’s a good jumping on point).  They don’t necessary make me feel sad, but they make me tingle and stop everything I do when I hear them.

It was incredibly difficult to find a song that captures just that ultimate sadness.  First, I was going to do Cat Power’s “In This Hole,” but they only have the piano version on YouTube, and I like the guitar version much better.

Instead, I went with a song that makes my heart stop because it speaks volumes.

The thing about this song is that there isn’t too much special about it.  It’s pretty standard and a little slow, but it’s those strings and musical saw that get to you.  Plus, it perfectly captures that sense of regret about your past mistakes.  I try to live my life by learning from my mistakes but then shoveling them away to focus on what’s now and new.  This song dredges all of this up and brings it to the forefront.  I mean, really, “I’m Going to Stop Pretending That I Didn’t Break Your Heart” is quite a lengthy and descriptive title.  At some point many of us have fucked someone over romantically.  That moment when you do something entirely selfish to someone who is innocent in the situation.  I get those heart pangs reliving some of those moments.  There were times where I didn’t fully break someone’s heart because we stayed together, but I can tell now that I chipped away at it.

On the flip side, you want someone to be singing this to you.  You want that one person in your life that you truly despise to finally realize what they did to you and feel bad about it.  You want them to finally say sorry to you no matter where either of you are in the world.  Just a simple message or phone call.  Something that tells you that they thought for a single moment that they were a truly awful person.

Most of us break hearts and have our hearts broken.  It’s time for some people to start realizing this and apologizing.


Taking the songs one at a time.  To check them all out, head over to the SONG CHALLENGE.


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