Song Challenge: Least Favorite Song

25 Mar

I’m still a little bitter about 8th grade.  This was the grade where “emo” was the thing.  I countered it with a taste for Nirvana and a growing interest in “indie” (a label, not a genre) music.  So, when people blasted “emo” songs all of the time, I got rather pissed off.  Let’s walk the history walk into people’s musical tastes in the 8th grade.

It starts out with the line “I’m tired of being what you want me to be.”  Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?

THIS SPEAKS TO 8TH GRADERS.  Oh god, it does.

“I never want to be like you.  I never want to do things you do.”  MINI-REBELLION.  That’s so awesome!  Let’s go SK8 and smoke in the parking lot and sarcastically drive souped up bicycles and have creatively dyed hair.

I remember that I liked this song for one second.  For the rest of my life I have regretted this one second.  I am an idiot.

This video kind of speaks for itself – objectifying women, ghosts, rain, Jesus complex.

God bless the people who throw rocks at Nickelback:

OKAY, let’s fast forward a few years.  And now we’re into the genre of country with Toby Keith.

One thing that you can discover about me (just about… now) is that I have very little patriotism.  So, when Toby starts singing about foreign cars that ain’t ours, I become quite disinterested.  But, the best part of this video is the fire that bursts in the background that leads to Toby’s Jesus pose.  AWESOME.

I have a handful more, but that gives you a good idea.



Music uh huh uh huh – check out the whole Song Challenge here.


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