Writing Challenge #44: My Favorite Blogs

23 Mar

AND HERE WE ARE FOR THE FINAL WRITING CHALLENGE!  Isn’t it great?  You’ve lasted 45 days (because I skipped one) with me as I have unveiled a multitude of things about myself!  Strange, I know.  Well, I decided that I’m going to keep up this post (or more) a day thing because it helps me write and it gets me thinking.  I’ll unveil the new challenge tomorrow.  If you’re privy to facebook, you may be able to guess what it is.

Anyway, My Favorite Blogs:

I obsessively check comic book sites everyday.  Here’s my normal succession of sites:


A great compilation of comic book news and pop culture fun.  A great resource for entertainment and they have a secret obsession with Pokémon.


Basically the original comic book site.  They have general comic book news, but the Comics Should Be Good portion of the site that Brian Cronin runs is the best part.  Great insight and comic book history.


Well, the name kind of says it all.  I love my female characters in comics and really want them to kick ass in the stories.  The site highlights the positives of what’s going on in the DC comic book world.  Naturally, they criticize the bad stuff like objectification, misogyny, and other fun things (which is a lot).


My co-blogger and I’d like to call friend Kelly runs this amazing site.  She updates not as regularly due to her multiple writing jobs on other sites (including on Comics Should Be Good with Brian Cronin), but her monthly Drunk Cover Solicits is usually the highlight of my week.



When I need straight up Pokémon news, I go here.  I also occasionally use the forums for trades (back when Arceus was a pain in the ass to get, I traded for him).


Well, here we are, check out the whole WRITING CHALLENGE by following the link!


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