Writing Challenge #42: Celebrity Crushes

21 Mar

Okay… I really don’t care too much about celebrities.

However, I did (and might still do with some searching) have a list of female musicians I would like to marry.

But that’s beside the point.

So here’s a running list of people who make me happy-queasy on the inside:

Scott Bakula – Is it strange that most of my celebrity crushes are men despite me being a heterosexual male?  That’s okay, I guess.

Why? I have watched every single episode of Quantum Leap many of which more than once (I’m jonesing for another marathon).  It is, by far, the greatest show ever on television.  It had amazing social commentary, cross-dressing, and a base understanding of problems without going into much detail.  Anyway, Scott carried this show and made it amazing while being SUPER hot.  Other than that, I haven’t seen much Scott Bakula outside of Quantum Leap.  He was a Captain on the Enterprise on Star Trek: Enterprise.  I saw a few episodes of this, but I don’t have much of an interest in Star Trek… and, well, the theme song was atrocious.  Nevertheless, him getting someone future/past pregnant in someone else’s body was by far the best thing I have ever seen in television.

PJ Harvey is no doubt the greatest female musician of our modern world.  She has produced so many albums of amazing music that range in tone, theme, and genre.  Her screeching is music.  Her moaning is music.  Her calm voice is music.  She spews beautiful out of her lips.  On top of all of this, she is incredibly beautiful.  Sure… she could almost be my Mom.

My crush on PJ Harvey is so distinct that I have a crush on a German professor at school merely because she looks like PJ Harvey and dresses nice.

Ryan Gosling… Here’s the thing about Ryan.  I mostly love him in his weird, tortured phase.  This is post-Mouse Club and Pre-Drive.  Primarily focusing on Half Nelson and Lars and the Real Girl.  Nevertheless, it helps that Ryan is now INSANELY HOT.  Like, “OMG RYAN!” Hot.  Strange thing is, I don’t like the name Ryan.


OH MY GOSH!  The WRITING CHALLENGE is almost over.  Check out the rest of the posts before it’s done!


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