Writing Challenge #41: Perfect Date

20 Mar

My idea of a perfect date:

I have already elaborated on my perfect Pokémon date, so let me imagine a perfect, normal date.

It would start out with us holding hands.  We wouldn’t have human bodies attached to our hands (this is totally metaphysical, you guys!).  Maybe instead, we could have ice cream eyeballs with hands.

Anyway, our hands are being held… together.  We would slowly have bodies phase out onto this plane of existence.  Along the way, we would see a zebra with all of the colors of the rainbow… except orange.  Instead, orange will be replaced with a new color, charlie (masking itself as a nickname all of this time!). The zebra would “naaayyy” and eat a pine cone.

Finally, we would envelop the world as it unfolds around us.  Slowly, like laying the first layer of icing onto the cake.

Eventually, we will transcend time and space and end up in California for the sole purpose of crushing grapes with our feet.

Eventually, we’ll end up in the jungles of the Amazon to snuggle with some jaguars with one giant, black spot (making them panthers…).  We’ll cascade through the forest discovering new species of frogs.  Then the sweet music of Jehosaphinia will play and we’ll travel through the place between planes of existence.

The final destination will be that spot in each other’s eyes where we both know that we didn’t need to go anywhere, anyplace, anytime.  We just needed each other because being with the other person is a perfect date no matter what you do.


The WRITING CHALLENGE is drawing near the end.  Check it out in its entirety by following the link!


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