Writing Challenge #40: Talent

19 Mar

Something I’m talented at:

Here’s my problem: I get really good at things but never great.  I produce a prolific amount of material and then usually just stop.

Some examples include me in high school.

I got good in photography to the point of me always being asked to take photos for the school.  I got into experimental dark room photography but I got bored of it.

After co-winning a film festival, I became heavily invested in making movies particularly because it became my job to make them for a non-profit.  I showed dedication, but I never really came up with the best products.

Then, I got really into screen printing.  I didn’t have the  best designs, but I was committed to making my own t-shirts.

All throughout these other activities, I recorded music.  I’m at the point where I’ve recorded probably more than 250 songs.  Most of them are shit, but there are probably 30 of them that are keepers.  Since my desktop computer went down, I haven’t really recorded since then.  Although, I did recently upload the program into my laptop and will probably come up with some more stuff soon.

Since all of that, I’ve invested heavily into blogging.  I’ve found that it’s the medium best suited to spreading my voice.  The music never hit it big.  I do have a video that’s hit over 90,000 views on Youtube.  But, overall, blogging seems most suited for me.

So, I have a lot of talents, but none of them I’m really the best at.  Just good, never great.


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